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    husqvarna makes a decent chain saw, so does stihl
    what you should buy depends on what your intended use is

    now you can buy a rather surprisingly effective electric chain saw for about $75
    keep in mind most chain saws wear out due to lack of the owners proper and constant chain lubrication
    If you let the chain lube run dry it can cause serious and rapid wear issues


    horse power is important and I would suggest at least a 16"-18" bar length for serious use
    I purchased BOTH a stihl and the home depot electric linked here
    I was rather amazed at the electric saws capability's.(for the price its a damn good value)
    If I was to buy a new chain saw Id go this route


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    A 24” Bar is insane for anybody less than a lumberjack. I have a several gas chainsaws, the largest one I ever had was a 24” and I would never buy another. Too cumbersome, really heavy, expensive to replace bar and chain.
    I prefer either the 18” Echo (w/5 year warranty) or the multi fit Stihl (can use 16, 18 or 20” bar and chain) I’m not looking up model #s right now. Electrics are great for small properties or if you are working a wood pile close to an electrical supply.
    Echo’s tend to start easier than most, parts are cheap and most are non proprietary.
    My local fire dept gave me a Kobalt 16 or 18 in, 80 volt Li Ion when I retired from the County Emergency Management. That 80 volt has a very long life compared to my 60 volt Stihl. Otherwise I cannot attest to the quality of the Kobalt or it’s motor
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    I have heard that Husqvarna is good but I know that the Stihl is good
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    I like my Old Stihl.
    But Echo is Very Good too.

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