1966 Chevelle Project

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    I have two complete trans and a bunch of parts. I bought out a trans shop when they
    went out of business. Bob has one, if he doesn't use it, that would be a 3rd possibility.


    Read thru my 200-R4 build, it's quite complete. They are getting hard to find, but they
    do have better gear ratios. The 700-R4 is easier to find, but like I said the ratios are
    not nearly as good. Especially between 1st and 2nd gear, it's a big jump.


  2. Unforgiven

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    Rick... PM me.
  3. Unforgiven

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    I am torn between what to do.. On one hand, I like the 200-4r because it does not require electronics.
    But to build it up to hold any sizable torque will require a couple thousand dollars.

    On the other hand... I already have a built TH400 that will handle over 2000 hp. I have about $3000
    in parts alone into that trans.

    I see the Gear Vendor priced at $2800 that would replace the tailshaft and turn the TH400 into a six speed.

    Going this route would allow me to install a 3.73 gear in the axle for around town fun, and would give me a 3.20
    gear ratio in overdrive for the highway.

    Being honest with myself....I might be stupid enough to remove my race engine from the truck and install it into the chevelle
    (just for fun) while I build a street friendly engine. Looking at the costs vs power....an LS engine swap is not out
    of the question yet. Nothing is in stone yet...

    The other option is going with a 4L80E... But I am understanding that it won't fit in the tunnel
    without cutting the tunnel and raising it. What I am understanding is the tail shaft has to be raised in order to gain proper driveshaft angles.

    They are heavier than a TH400 and will have to be rebuilt to hold more torque.

    This year is about replacing the cash I took out of the savings account,
    along with making a solid plan and direction to abide by. Time of all things is a major factor in this build.
    Because of our age factor, I really don't want to go over 4 years.

    I am FULLY open to any suggestions you men might have.

    Worst case scenario that the trans would be subject to are these numbers.....


    Of coarse I think it would be smart to lower the boost, which would lower the power levels.
    But still....There is alot of torque to deal with.
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  4. Unforgiven

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    Great news. After getting a good look at the cowl post ... I found that the VIN tag was indeed there!! It was covered
    with paint so thick that the plate was damn near 100% covered.
    I can't wait to start on this car. ( I say that now) :D
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    Seems to me you can buy a lot of gas for the price of a gear vendor set up or a 200-4R.
  6. Unforgiven

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    Yes, but you also have to take into consideration the wear and tear on a higher revving engine.
    Our son and his family are an hour and half away from us. those are trips the car would make
    at least once every other week. It all adds up.

    But... My trans guy is not a big fan of GV so it most likely is out.. But the 200-4R is still
    in play. I like it because it is a direct fit in the tunnel of the car.
    From what I have been researching... The 4l80-e might fit but the 4l60-e will not fit with out modifications
    to the tunnel. I believe it had something to do with the length and had to be raised at the tailshaft to make the u-joint angles

    I am a long way from the final decision as far as the trans. But My goal is to make the 200-4R work
    for our application.

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