1993 Chevy G30 Van Abs Nightmare

Greetings all,Ive read/been told that I can ELIMINATE my ABS MODULE Completely and return to NORMAL,NON-ABS brakes on my van.Anybody done this before?Anyone have a SKETCH of HOW to CONNECT the brake lines to achieve my goal?At present I have 5 Brake lines in and out of my ABS MODULE.Who knows how to plumb the brake lines for NORMAL,NON-ABS Brakes sytem?Ive been stranded at home for 8 days now and could use the ANSWER ASAP.Thanks


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listing your cars make/model and year, would be the first logical step
yeah its in the title, but adding more info in the posted question would be helpful
posting a clear picture of the ABS control, that failed,
and part number you need is also helpful,
and you might want too visit a local hydraulic supply,
with the part you remove they may be able to rebuild it.
they can frequently disassemble clean and repair parts like that ABS control:D

ok yes a new replacement ABS control is expensive, but replacing it is the better option,
yes you can purchase hydraulic fitting or have one made by a local machine shop, and yes the brakes will work once its installed
but they will not work as designed or nearly as effectively

metric brake line TEE fittings are available



now if I was going that route, ID buy a short section of EFI fuel rail and plug both ends, and machine it to match your needs

or have a machine shop drill and thread ports matching the brake line fitting you have at about 1.2 inch intervals,
to allow room for tools to tighten the fittings,
and enough material in the wall to secure the threaded fittings








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