1994 Ford Ranger

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  1. I have a 94 Ford Ranger I been using to get back and forth from work. It has a 4 cylinder engine. I bought it last year from my great uncle last year. It wasn't running and he spent a better part of last summer working on it. Despite that. I still agreed to buy it from him. I had it towed and fixed. It turned out the gas tank was filled with water.

    The Ranger served me well all the way until two weeks ago. It refused to start up. It all started with the starter. I replaced it and the truck ran for another three weeks until two weeks ago it broke down in my driveway.

    The first thing I checked was the starter and had the battery tested. Both was good. Then I got my truck running just long enough to hear it back fire. I checked the timing belt and found it was so worn out I was able to pull it off the engine. I replaced it, time it. Still won't turn over. The engine wouldn't even spin. I found that battery died. I bought a new one and it died. I charged the new battery and found that my truck not pumping gas. That's not good. The fuel pump is supposed to be brand new. It was replaced last fall. I checked my fuel filter and it's good. Looks brand new. My 30 amp fuse that's for the fuel pump was blistered and corroded. I replaced it and it still won't turn over.
    Makes mater worst is my water pump is not going to last much longer. It's probably got a few months left on it.
    I realized the other day that I am pretty much doing the same thing my great uncle was doing last summer. It's like chasing a ghost. My dad listen to it the other day and told me the truck could have gotten contaminated with rain water again. That makes sense to me. We had allot of heavy rain here lately. My truck has been losing power. I'm not spending any more money on this truck. I can't take the bed off it by myself to drain the tank or replace the fuel pump or tank..
    Going to buy another truck later.
    Not to happy about this. The money I spent on my truck I was going to spend on my Torino.
    What do y'all thank.
  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    There good little trucks Ford Rangers.
    I drove an 87 Ranger for years.
    Till 415,000 miles.
    Got too rusty.

    Advantage of old cars and trucks is no car or truck payment.
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  3. Maniacmechanic1

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    Leaves money for the Hotrod or Racecars.

    Trick is to keep old vehiches going.
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  4. Yes, that's the trick. Keep it running.
    I'm going to keep it. Just already spent allot of time and money on it. I was thinking about getting a 66 Chevy c10.
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    as with most problems related to cars/trucks you need to isolate and test each sub system.
    track it to the basics of fuel delivery, effective compression, cam timing, air flow and ignition spark delivery and strength and ignition timing.
    verify plenum vacuum and fuel pressure, and volume.
    check the exhaust restriction and plenum vacuum,spark timing, learn to read spark plugs, (they can tell you a great deal about combustion conditions, and fuel delivery,)
    Id suggest you start with draining and cleaning the fuel tank of any water. and then replace the fuel filter.
    no fuel pump will last long pumping water laced fuel.
    once the fuel pump can supply a consistent clean pressurized fuel supply
    do a compression test on all cylinders, verify the cam timing is correct,
    theres no vacuum leaks and you ignition timing is correct and your getting ignition spark,
    then map the ignition advance curve.
    if you break the issue down to each of the basic sub system issues and cure those individually,
    your much more likely to solve the total problem by tracking it too, identifying, verifying,
    and eliminating or correcting each individual sub-system failure.









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    I know this is not your vehicle, but if you have a Multi Meter it should prove useful for a NO crank problem.

  7. Thanks y'all. The problem is that there was allot of things going wrong at the same time. I'm going to take another look at the truck again next week.
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    Mistake #1
    I bought it last year from my great uncle last year. It wasn't running and he spent a better part of last summer working on it. Despite that. I still agreed to buy it from him.
    Your uncle should have paid you to take it away.:D
    Mistake #2 - FORD:rolleyes:
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  9. I only spent 200 dollars for it.
  10. Maniacmechanic1

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    A few of those Rangers had 302 engines in them.
    Converted by a company in Texas.
    Seen 1 on ebay years back.

    Those Rangers handle good too.
    Better than Chevy S10.

    No sway bar up front or rear.
    At least in 1987.
    That crazy swing axle front works.
    Throw them around like a Corvette and stay on the road.
    They do pretty good off road also.
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    C10 is a nice, fun truck. I remember my dad had one

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