4 valve ls engine mod available

Discussion in 'Engine: Repairs , Modifications ,trouble shooting ' started by Grumpy, Nov 6, 2018.

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    The DOHC Port flow characteristics drastic altered the torque band we are used to seeing Grumpy & it has a 4.000 inch crank stroke.
    Hi RPM like the C4 Gen DOHC Mercury Marine ZR1.

    Looks ideal today for a Corvette with IRS rear.
    Hard for guys to get the power down unless they are true drag racers .
    Seen that with Wiz & that Boosted C5.

    Revs so high you can not use most Autos safe.
    4L80E no.

    Turbo 400 Yes with aluminum or Coan Titanium drums.

    Manual Trans really needed.

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