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Discussion in 'introduce yourself' started by Arjen, May 3, 2018.

  1. Arjen

    Arjen Well-Known Member

    Hello guys

    I run a vintage car restoration business.
    Each year I have apprentice students that do their final project.
    This we are going to " tune " a 400ci Chevrolet small block.
    The idea is that this project gives us more sight in the working of a combustion engine.
    I'll post regularly on this forum.
    We are now measuring everything only to find out that we need to buy a lot of new parts...

  2. Grumpy

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    welcome to the website, I can tell you we need instructors ,in the field's of basic mechanics, basic and advanced trouble diagnosis and welding
    and most of us, that do try to teach, deal with lack of funding,ideal tools and components,
    or cars that we have access too use, and work on.
    its best to start rather simple and modest and easy to understand and document goals at first,
    and build in small but verifiable and repeatable steps when trying to teach others as most people,
    get frustrated if they run into any problems.
    while it might sound rather stupid, simple stuff like doing a brake job, or a tune-up properly,
    is a huge deal for new guys , and most won,t have the basic tools they require,
    or any idea how or why things function as they are designed.
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  3. Arjen

    Arjen Well-Known Member

    I have " funding" and my students are allready 21 years old.
    Having said that. They are at a very steep learning curve.
    Albeit we found an ideal combination a
    Of components , based on the help on this forum. I will postcode list tomorrow.

    Best regards Arjen
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