418 cid ls3 build

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    http://www.highperformancepontiac.com/t ... index.html

    http://www.highperformancepontiac.com/t ... index.html

    Dyno Testing Part II - Big Power, Small Budget»exhaust system

    Small Block LS Engine Dyno Testing Part II - Big Power, Small Budget

    Small Block Ls Engine Dyno Testing Pt Ii Front View
    TSP utilizes a PowerBond Race Series SFI-approved 10 percent underdrive balancer pulley (PN 25-PBU1480-SS10; retail $199.99). The balancer is put over the crankshaft hub and pressed on with an LS-specific tool. Once the balancer is fully seated, a new GM crankshaft bolt is torqued to 37 ft-lb, followed by an additional 140 degrees of rotation with a torque-angle gauge.

    Brand Comp Cams hydraulic roller
    Duration at 0.050 251/259-deg
    Lift 0.660/0.663-in
    Centerline 108-deg
    Lobe Separation Angle 111-deg
    Installed Position 108-deg
    Lifters GM LS7 roller
    Valvesprings Precision Race Components, dual
    Seat Pressure 140-lbs
    Open Pressure 405-lbs
    Timing Chain GM LS2 single-roller

    Intake Manifold GM L76
    Throttle Body P.T.M. 92mm
    Fuel Rails GM L76
    Fuel Injectors GM factory Delphi 39 lb-hr
    MAF TSP 100mm

    Small Block Ls Engine Dyno Testing Pt Ii Front View
    Next is mounting the engine onto DTS' engine dyno cradle, and installing a new flywheel and the DTS engine adapter plate. Then it's off to the dyno cell.

    Engine Controller GM LS1
    Tuning Software HP Tuners VCM Suite
    Coil GM LS1 coil-on-plug
    Wires MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Plugs NGK TR-6
    Total Timing 28-deg

    Headers Kooks 1.875-in to 2-in stepped
    Collectors 3-in

    Brand GM, MLS



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