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    the throttle body fuel injection does NOT PROVIDE the advantages of a true MPFI with an injector in each intake port

    Im sure a decent performance machine shop can drill your tunnel ram intake and add the required fuel rails and injector bungs
    new weld in injector bungs, fuel rails and injectors are rather easy to find and purchase.
    any experienced machine shop can modify an existing aluminum tunnel ram intake to have injectors, fuel rails, etc.

    if theres one thing that you'll be forced to learn, on this web-site,
    its reading through all the links and sub-links will help a great deal...

    closely followed by having the correct tools , and learning to use them also helps

    it usually will be to your benefit to do careful research and doing a detailed look over your options,
    before you decide on any particular parts selection helps reduce costs,and reduce mistakes
    lets say your looking at EFI intakes and find almost what you want but it has 32 lb injectors vs the 50 lb rated injectors you really want, it never hurts to ask if you can order the intake with the other injector size in many cases you have that option at a minimal cost but its not a listed option,

    Owning and having the skills to correctly use a tig welder or a MIG, welder,
    \ set up to weld aluminum and a drill press with a precision vise would be helpful















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    Good advise and better performance there are allot of good management systems you could batch fire a tunnel ram from a mega-squirt pretty cheap. By the way batch vs. sequential is a huge debate performance is better along with fuel mileage on a sequential EFI but cost is also much greater for the ECU. Budget wise will determine this for you also some EFI ECUs can control spark which is nice.
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    If you can come up with a cam card and flow rates for your heads, I could run a simulation on
    your build. Then I can compare that to other camshafts to see where the difference lies. The more
    data the more accurate the simulation. But I would also want to tell you that the numbers are
    usually inflated a bit. The better use of my simulation is to compare different scenarios.

    If possible I would also need ....
    Compression Ratio or the specs to calculate the Static CR and Dynamic CR. See graphic below for
    the parameters needed. Or you can calculate your own numbers with from this Excel Spread Sheet
    and provide the Intake Valve Closing angle (IVC) to me. You can ignore the "Gasket Diameter" and
    "Top Ring Height", for they are really insignificant to the final number. It's just against my nature
    to ignore something that effects the final calculation.


    link too bore vs stroke info on hundreds of engines
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  5. Strictly Attitude

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    The downdraft is a good deal for the money and performance it is the route I did go
  6. Thank y'all for everything. I want to do this right the first time. I will collect as much information as possible and post it to get an calculation.
  7. 10:1 compression and long tube headers was also what I had in mind.
    When I first sat out to build my car. EFI was always a goal. It's easier on the engine and more efficient.

    Hopefully, I'm going try to send my block out with a set of ARP studs to prep my block by the end of the month.
  8. Strictly Attitude

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    Efi is awesome but go with a ecu that can control timing if you can. Nothing that getting rid of that dizzy and so many points to throw timing off.
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    When you are ready, please summaries all the specs at the same time. It's hard and time
    consuming to re-read the whole thread trying to figure the specs and what changed and
    changed back and ...... Well you get the idea ! :cool:
  10. I will. This may take a while.
  11. Indycars

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    No problem, when ever you are ready.

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