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    Guys, I'm helping a friend of mine fix a problem with his 82 L83 crossfire system. Half the time she fires up and runs perfectly... half the time she fires up and then dies and won't start for a little while. Finally, she'll start very roughly and then run fine. I know those had a rudimentary ECM... does anyone know what the starting sequence is or maybe what sensors and solenoids are used? Has anyone else had this problem?
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    the symptoms sound like a defective sensor or fuel pump or fuel pump relay, but read through the links it will prove useful.
    as is true with many questions here theres a few related threads that may hold the answer your looking for in the links and sub links

    I bought a relay, but I don't know how to hook it up. all I see are a few weird numbers and strange symbols, what do they mean?
    -a standard bosch-style relay will have 4 or 5 numbered leads (30, 85, 86, 87, and sometimes 87a). why they picked those numbers, I have no clue; but I can tell what they hook up to.


    • Lead color code
    • Black: Coil supply
    • White: Coil supply
    • Red: SPDT normally open
    • Blue: SPDT common
    • Yellow: SPDT normally closed
    -30 = constant [positive (+)] power (usually wired directly to car battery)
    -85 = coil ground (wired to the negative (-) battery terminal or any grounded metal panel in the car)
    -86 = coil power (wired to the control source. could be a switch, or it could be the car's IGN or ACC circuit.)
    -87 = switched [positive (+)] power output. (when the relay coil is powered, lead/pin 87 is connected to lead/pin 30)
    -87a = [on 5 lead/pin relays only] this lead/pin is connected to lead/pin 30 when the coil is NOT powered.




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    Thanks, Grumpy!

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