a couple 44 caliber bullet mold design's I've found very useful

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    I got asked to suggest a bullet mold for a 44 mag revolver,
    if limited to one the lee 310 grain or the 250 grain NEI,
    certainly would be valid choices for most people, the 250 grain holds a very minor advantage,
    in 100 yard accuracy , in my experience,
    but it so slight I doubt most people shoot enough or consistently enough,
    to see it .
    notice ALL are gas check designs,
    the plain base bullets in my experience,
    have consistently proven to be easily proven LESS accurate and consistent.



    less than about 1/4" in the average 3" groups from either bullet mold,
    at 100 yard targets, and thats seems consistently to be the case, in several revolvers and my marlin lever action.
    the 44 caliber is about ideal for lower cost hard cast bullet use, and because I use the lee 310 for most hunting its a favorite
    I've used a 44 mag revolver, or a 445 DWSM revolver ,
    for 4-5 decades plus, almost exclusively with a selection of hard cast gas check bullet designs
    powders like,
    H110, blue dot, and herc 2400 are about ideal.
    the 310 lee in the 44 mag and the 330 grain NEI in the DWSM are close to ideal for hunting,
    but the twist rate in the 44 mag generally won,t stabilize the 330 gain NEI,
    the lighter weight NEI mold designs are generally good for target use,
    but certainly will work for hunting anything like hogs or deer,
    lethality is not a problem, nut consistently getting exit wounds can be with the
    235 grain hard cast bullets
    I use the 330 grain almost exclusively in the 445 DWSM,
    as it takes up excessive internal powder space, in my opinion,
    in the shorter 44 mag case and I try hard to maintain at least 1200 fps,
    in hunting revolvers
    the 250 and 260 grain bullets from NEI molds are exceptionally accurate, and theres zero issue hunting hogs or deer,
    but I occasionally won,t get exits so I use the lyman and lee 300-310 grain bullet molds,
    on elk hunts with the 44 mag






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