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    Ive always taught my sons a few basic martial arts skills it gives them a good deal more self assurance and teaches them to be aware of whats going on around them, \
    and in high school it made sure they were not on the bottom of the social pecking order, boys especially in 6-8th grades seem to think fighting is a way to determine social standing and seeing some jerk getting his butt handed to him in 4 seconds, for being stupid enough too be attacking you, tends to reduce the tendency of other guys picking on you.
    I don,t know about your personal experiences but 7th-8th grade was a real P.I.T.A. for me until I got taught some martial arts skills , once I showed I was hardly the best target to pick on, life was instantly better, I lost my first two minor fights, but it forced me to learn new skills, once I learned those skills and demonstrated I was not a good target I was amazed at how things improved. knowing this I made sure my sons were skilled in the basics well before 5th-6th grade.
    while Im hardly highly skilled, I have managed to impress a few martial arts instructors and have been asked to teach a few times.
    teaching your kids a few basics can mean a great deal to smoothing the way thru those teen age years, and gives them self confidence and teaches restraint and discipline in other ways


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