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    Ive always taught my sons a few basic martial arts skills it gives them a good deal more self assurance and teaches them to be aware of whats going on around them, \
    and in high school it made sure they were not on the bottom of the social pecking order, boys especially in 6-8th grades seem to think fighting is a way to determine social standing and seeing some jerk getting his butt handed to him in 4 seconds, for being stupid enough too be attacking you, tends to reduce the tendency of other guys picking on you.
    I don,t know about your personal experiences but 7th-8th grade was a real P.I.T.A. for me until I got taught some martial arts skills , once I showed I was hardly the best target to pick on, life was instantly better, I lost my first two minor fights, but it forced me to learn new skills, once I learned those skills and demonstrated I was not a good target I was amazed at how things improved. knowing this I made sure my sons were skilled in the basics well before 5th-6th grade.
    while Im hardly highly skilled, I have managed to impress a few martial arts instructors and have been asked to teach a few times.
    teaching your kids a few basics can mean a great deal to smoothing the way thru those teen age years, and gives them self confidence and teaches restraint and discipline in other ways


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    I'm a little queasy now, excuse me for a minute! :eek:
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    thanks I needed a good laugh!
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    Many of these martial Art techniques have the problem that
    - they have rules
    - you need many years of training for the exercises
    - you have to do level tests to learn exercises from the next level

    Thats a reason why I train Krav Maga, I started 2.5 years ago. I started at the age of 4 years with Judo, later I tried Kung Fu, Aikido, combat fighting.
    Maybe RAW Silat is also a good system, in my area it is not possible to find a school for that. Systema, the russian combat fighting system is good too, but in my opinion not so easy to learn like Krav Maga.

    Krav Maga (IKMF) has no rules, you can learn everything without doing any level test, there are no competitons, because Krav Maga has no rules. You can do anything to defense yourself or the people around you. You can learn the basics in a few training lessons.
    In Germany it is not allowed to wear weapons or knifes (longer than 3 inches). But we learn disarming and shooting.
    Sometimes it is a weak point that Krav Maga has not many techniques for fighting on the ground, but in the system you try to never get on the ground, or maybe only for a very short time. For ground fighting I like the Brazilian Jui Jitsu.
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    thanks, good info, and yes I agree many of the martial arts styles seem much more concerned with having you pass tests and achieve belts,
    that may be great for endlessly extending classes to make the dojo more money, but its hardly going to be teaching you the brutal truth,
    than to learn vital skills that are truly useful, and effective, you need to cause the opponent a great deal of pain and limit or damage his mobility.
    the "RULE.s" are many times designed to force you too avoid the opponents more vulnerable anatomy ,
    example, knowing that a quick and effectively applied,
    downward sideways kick to the opponents knee could cause permanent damage and prevent an attacker from chasing you,might save your life in the real world.
    a fact that your very unlikely to be taught in most martial arts schools , because of legal and medical liability issues.
    so you won,t do damage to each other in practice, but that also means that in a real on the street confrontation, your avoiding the areas most effective in forcing,
    any opponent to back-off... after all if you can,t inflict a great deal of pain, or damage mobility your unlikely to quickly and effectively stop an aggressor/antagonist.
    of course , having the knowledge and skills, does not allow you to randomly apply them, that also forces you to use mature judgement ,
    you don,t want to permanently cripple some ass who might only give you a bloody nose, but it may be a good option if some idiot with a knifes trying to kill you.
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    Another good thing about the IKMF Krav Maga is, the Head Instructors are doing researches for better or easier to learn techniques for different situations. Last year I got an update on two techniques.
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    That is the other system I like to try.


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