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    I was asked to select my choice of a quite limited, but very well thought out collection of useful firearms the last two listed would be almost mandatory too own if your into owning quality guns.
    most people really don,t put a great deal of thought into selecting each firearm the purchase, or its ability to exactly match its intended use.
    I know that when I was younger Id buy, try and occasionally trade or sell off guns
    I no longer liked for others, as I got older I started to think things through a bit more.
    were the primary factors in the listed ,selected choices

    Id want a serious hunting and self defense caliber revolver, I don,t think you could improve a great deal over a dan wesson 445 mag with the interchangeable barrel set.

    a 1006 S&W would be useful for both defense and hunting
    (number 3 on the wish list)
    I doubt anyone ever built a better quality , or more durable defensive pistol for the price

    Id want a 100% reliable and accurate 22 lr with a decent Nikon 2x 7x 30mm scope
    more than a few squirrels and
    rabbits have fed hundreds of thousands of owners of that lever action 22lr.
    if properly cleaned and well, maintained it will last well over any-ones life time
    I can,t even begin to remember the number of cases of 22 long rifle rim fire ammo that has been put through one of these fine little plinkers in practice
    its cheap and builds a great deal of you muscle memory and skills you'll want to have if you hunt with the larger caliber revolvers

    dead last but still a lot of fun

    totally impractical, absurdly expensive, but Id love to own one (barret 416 long range semi-auto rifle)
    owning one would be like looking at the playboy fold-out girls,
    you know you can,t afford one but you would love to play with one,
    anytime you had the time

    a damn nice accurate long range medium game rifle (deer, hogs, coyote) is always nice, and while its not a M1a its a reasonable cheaper substitute

    since I hand load Id like a very versatile CZ 458 LOTT bolt action, if you cast your own projectiles and hand load you could vary power levels from mild 44 mag to full on elephant stomping,458 LOTT

    the 12 ga Benelli M1 super 90 is the best shotgun Ive ever handled, a damn impressive shotgun for hunting or home defense
    (number 2 on the must have list)

    if your limited to a single rifle, or firearm,
    this would be my choice.

    I'd want a match grade heavy barrel stainless m1a
    with a nikon 5x-20x 30mm scope
    keep in mind, many millions of dollars
    and well in excess of 100 plus years of serious research and testing ,
    were put into research

    by hundreds of governments,
    with each watching what the others did,
    to provide their troops with the best and most effective rifles.
    and the M1a is a civilian version of what is still (the M14)

    considered a very good choice, so much so that current elite soldiers will frequently grab one if given a choice,
    as it provides exceptional fire-power, range and accuracy,
    in skilled, and experienced hands

    yeah theres hundreds of options and your experience might not agree with mine,
    but I think you'll be hard pressed to find a hunting or defensive application,
    one of these choices could not fill at least marginally well.

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