Ac Delco Gm Cooling System Seal Tabs

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I gave the 87 Corvette Convertible some attention today.
It's been sitting most of the year while I have been working on the 63 Pontiac it seems nonstop.
Battery was near dead and trickle charged it back up to 100%.
The Griffin Radiator is almost 20 years old and developed a minor leak at the side tank to top coolant tubes.
All the Aftermarket Aluminum Radiators are pretty much unrepairable.
I bought AC Delco GM Cooling System Seal Tabs.
Put 10 of them down the Upper Radiator Hose where I have my radiator cap T hose connected.
Started the engine up and got the coolant temps up to 195 F.
Went for a short ride.
Stopped on the local highway 6 times to do Burnouts Flat footed no power brake.
Left Positraction Rubber allover a 2 mile stretch for all to see now !
11 inch wide strips 30-50 feet long.
Runs out suprising good yet.
The Huge Tank 63 Gp 455 520 Hp definitely has more power sets you back harder a Wilder Street Drag Race Thrill.
But the Chevy C4 Corvette still does A-Ok.
No coolant leaks they stopped.
You can get the AC Delco GM Cooling System Seal Tabs from Amazon, Ebay Sellers, and your local GM Dealers.
I got them from an Ebay Seller in Missouri.


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