Accel C-Gap 8197 Spark Plugs for Vintage Pontiac V8 & Olds V8 Super Rockets

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    These are similar to the Old Champion Racing Spark Plugs with the J-Gap feature.
    But the Accel C-Gap is different.
    It allows you to adjust the spark plug gap easily as any other conventional copper core spark plug.

    You can modify your spark plugs with a dremel cut off wheel.
    But exacting gaps will likely be hard to achieve.

    I have a set of these in my 1965 Olds Super Rocket V8 with its Vertex OAC Magneto.
    Accel 8197 plugs have been in since Mid Summer last year.
    About 7500 miles driving on them.
    I Love them.
    I gapped them to .025" for easy reliable starting with the vertex mag.
    They are hands down the best spark plugs I have tried and used in the Olds engine.
    Found nothing better.

    I always have been a fan of Accel spark plugs.
    They were famous for the U-gap feature.
    C-gap does not have the U-gap.
    Its Better & delivers a Hotter Flame Kernal the C-gap.

    The Heat Range Matches perfect in Factory High Compression engines 10.25 :1 or more when running on Pump Gas.

    Will fit all 1955-1971 Pontiac V8 engines with matching era cast iron heads installed stock.
    But I would not use in the 1969-1970 Pontiac RAIV.
    Special Cold Heat Range spark plugs must be used & with High Octane Race Fuel only or True 100 Motor Octane Gasoline.
    They Used Cold Heat Range spark plugs - Racing- stock the RAIV.

    The Feedback on Summit Racing left by others besides myself, left feedback too, the Factory Iron Head 327 Small Block Chevy Guys Love the Accel 8197 C-Gaps too.

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