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Was in my favorite store today looking for some spray paint to match my ‘06 Silverado. The sales guy says he can mix up a custom batch in a spray can for me, he says it’s an exact match. I never knew they could do this in the store. Is it just at certain stores? Is it really that close of a match?


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there are auto body repair supply stores that specialize in supplying repair tools and supplies and things like solvents spray guns paint
to auto body repair shops, some won,t allow non-commercial customers but many will.
many of those supply stores have the ability to custom match paint or supply almost any manufactures paint in any color if you know the , make model and year they pull out a chart,
you pick the sample and they make an exact match on the spot,
many of those stores can produce custom paint in aerosol spray cans,
but most supply custom paint in quarts or gallon containers...
it ain't cheap,
but its generally far better quality than you get from chain store auto parts stores
you can easily pay $40-$120 a quart or more for auto paint

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While at Advanced Auto store today to return a core for my deposit, I was trying to remember if there was anything else I needed, some touch up paint. They were out of the Duplicolor I wanted so the sales guy said he could make up a spray can of the exact color I wanted. I skipped buying it as I already have dozens of cans of paint that didn’t match my needs. Just curious how accurate AA was for paint matching.

Grumpy, to address the “non-commercial” customer for suppliers - Pennsylvania law requires anyone buying and selling cars for a profit must have a dealer’s license. I retained my business license, Tax ID and commercial name from my days when I was buying and selling a couple dozen cars a year and ending with my endeavors with a chrome shop a little more than a few yrs ago, so I can shop and purchase most anything anywhere.