An Old Timer Hunter Swore By This Stuff

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    He told me a few stories about the natural healing powers of “Honey.” All these times getting hurt walking around the woods, tripping and falling he used a medical grade honey on a wound to accelerate healing. Where was I hiding because I never heard of this?

    Any know about using honey for healing wounds? If so, did it work for you?
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    honey has a significant anti-bacterial and anti-fungal content ,
    and I remember reading the Romans used a mix of wine vinegar , salt and honey as a wound sav
    they may not have understood bacteria or infection but they knew the mix helped wounds heal
    "While not as advanced as modern treatments,
    Roman doctors and physicians had their own techniques to combat infections.
    wounds were cleaned before being sutured/stiched
    A common ancient practice by doctors was to use natural products,
    such as honey, olive oil and vinegar "

    Ive read that a sav made from
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    A great deal of what is used today in pharmaceutics is derived by simple natural compounds.

    The problem - No one can Patent naturally occurring substances. So it’s a tricky slope for any company to invest money in research and development when another can simply pick up on it and make it their own. Companies do however make proprietary compounds with natural materials and patent those recipes like we see now with honey.

    I’ve been doing some research. It seams Manuka Honey from New Zealand has tremendous healing properties, but there is a confusing array of products that range from $15/8 oz to $600 a lb. Different brands have their own purity ratings and are not explained.

    I look wherever I can to find people who may have some experience using these things with some success.

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