Angled brake master cyl (photo incl)


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I hope you can see what I'm talking about. This photo shows a BMC raked back, but I've seen others with even greater angles. What changes occur in brake systems that dictate this angle? or why let it come out this way? Someone told me they parked their car on an incline (front downward) to fill the Master Cyl.
NOTE: You have to enlarge the thumbprint photo of the engine bay as this link doesn't open directly to it. ... tartRow=81

If you look closely you'll see a rust puddle on the air cleaner cover. My friend who looked at this car said by the day of the auction there were many things under the hood with rust. That's why the auction company has the detail service if you can't be there - well worth it as it can mean the difference between selling - or not selling!


Tilting the Master Cylinder is done intentional on vehicles equipped with drum brakes.
Read in past 20 years ago why.
Has to do in particular with drum brake system design critera.