Another Dealer Rip-off


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My wife’s car had a blown light bulb for the headlight. It’s dam tight and hands too big getting behind the headlights. I thought it was ok, but the left side wasn’t that bright and it smelled funny. Apparently the bulb was slightly cocked and it melted the back of the headlight assembly.
I ordered a new light from the Peoples Republic. Because it was not OE I wanted to make sure there was no difference in appearance to the other side, so I got another for the other side - still less than half the price of the OE lights.
Replacing the lights is a big undertaking on these cars. I didn’t feel like doing this in this in this hot weather and my lift is tied so my wife makes an appointment where I get my state inspections done. I just had an argument with that shop over a scam they pulled on me, so I called the dealer. I explained in detail what I needed, this woman service writer quotes me $138 plus tax to change out the lights. My wife takes the car in this morning and she shows the mechanic the lights in the trunk and new bulbs on the passenger seat. He tells her it’ll be an hour. An hour later the tech comes to her and says the $138 is just to replace the light bulbs. Now she’s pissed, She left when they told her Labor would be just over $600. I called the service manager and gave him my side. He says he sees several times a month just what I did so the techs follow the books and forgo just simply sticking your hand in to install the bulbs, they go the whole disassembly route. Little did he know, the tech already told her he tried sticking his hand behind the headlight and couldn’t get the bulb in correctly because the light was melted.