answering the question on "why do, you carry that concealed handgun"

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    I w reading the latest magazine I picked up and there was a brief response posted to explain a guys attitude,\
    too being asked.
    "why do, you carry that concealed handgun"
    and Ill para phrase his

    I got a good laugh!

    (1) when I was younger I used to try to explain the concepts of the need for individual responsibility,
    the need to be able to defend ones person and family and list a long detailed list ,
    of logical reasons , why I chose too carry a handgun.

    (2) I soon realized that the only people who ever bothered,asking similar questions were rarely listening to the answers or details,
    they were simply waiting for me to take a breath,too blast my response with a long list of "CANNED and pre-memorized talking points,
    (in most cases they had not listened to a word I said.)
    and if I was too point out any obvious flaws, outright lies, or in their "lack of logic or reasoning"
    I was met with an emotional cascade or outright hate!

    (3) I don,t know many adults, where I live in rural florida (even the gals) that don,t have a concealed carry licence and most that do, carry most of the time.

    (4)a typical concealable handgun is a DEFENSIVE tool , its designed for fairly close range and easy access and dependability is critical.

    (5) like a spare tire in your cars trunk,
    a fire extinguisher in your home, a basic medical kit in your home,
    or a parachute in an airplane,
    its a back-up tool that can potentially save you from having to deal with much more costly or even lethal results if its used correctly in time,
    but you would prefer not to use it if it could be avoided.

    (6) all you need too do is read the local papers and check on-line for local crime statistics too realize GUN FREE ZONES have a fairly high relation too muggings and that there is significantly more muggings and robberies that the local news media will ever admit too.
    (most larger police departments have digital maps showing recent local crime locations dates and symbols indicating the class of crime, see example posted lower in the thread,below)
    (if that map and reading the results won,t convince you the need to carry nothing will)
    Id also point out that the local news tends to ignore cases where licence carrying gun owners prevent crime or shoot criminals.

    (7) the news media will frequently ignore any case where an armed defendant with a concealed carry permit, prevented a crime, helped a cop, or where he successfully protected his family as its not going to promote the liberal total dis-armament agenda

    (8) yes you can, have fun screwing with the liberal minds,
    of those asking that silly question,
    by leaning in close, and whispering.... in a conspiratorial manor.....
    total nonsense, of course, like
    "you do know ....that...... killer clowns are cannibals?"
    " that ALL those voices you hear when its quite at night in your room...
    say they are going to attack any day now?,
    thousands will come out of closets, cellars and out from under beds,
    some night SOON!"

    but they might take that seriously (yes most are that stupid)
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  2. Grumpy

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    keep in mind crime rates have fallen steadily since concealed carry laws were enacted , as the risk to criminals has increased, by allowing victims to effectively resist, the incentive to rob, mug ,rape or invade homes tends to drop

    notice the date range is ONE WEEK

    and trust me palm beach is almost crime free compared to many areas of the country


    here is miami fl over the same 7 day time span
    new orleans for the same 7 days

    the computer plot of crimes in chicago with strict gun control is so dense they can,t plot individual crimes so they simply list numbers per small neighbor hood area


    posted simply to make the 9mm/45 acp crowd nuts

    get a its more effective than a 9mm or 45

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  3. Grumpy

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    a firearm is simply a tool and like a skill saw, it can do a lot of constructive work in skilled hands or result in you spending a great deal of time in a local emergency room if it not used properly.
    I would bet she grew up in a home without firearms in general use, everyone over age 20 in my home has a concealed carry licence and has from the time it was available, its like having several fire extinguishers and a security alarm system and cameras covering all the yard perimeter and shop, drive way etc.
    they are tools to allow you to prevent things you would rather avoid from getting too the point you might not be able too control potential acts of the criminally insane!
    once the wife gets familiar with a firearm she won,t have the irrational fear of an inanimate tool.
    you may have a problem convincing her to go with you to a local range or taking a state hunter safety course, or concealed carry class, but its worth the effort to try hard, to get her familiar with firearms.
    most people have no idea how much crime takes place around them.
    lets look at west palm, and its a very safe place compared to many locations

    tell me you feel safe without some way to defend your family
    the odds of a home invasion,robbery,arson, mugging, rape may not be as low as you imagine
    look at the map, thats ONE WEEK, adjust the time frame to 2 weeks and the software comes close to maxing out at 1000 listed crimes

    worth watching all the way through then thinking carefully,
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  4. Grumpy

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    well? did you show her a typical local crime map of your area
    does she still think its totally out of the logical range of possibility she might get raped, robbed or be involved in a home invasion eventually?
    (theres unfortunately a small percentage of people that think everything you own is there simply because they have not yet decided to take it from you!)
    look the facts can,t be ignored, having a fire arm and knowing how to use and store it correctly is a bit like a parachute or fire extinguisher, youll rarely want to use those tools but, they could save you or your family, if you need too use those tools,..not having them when needed is likely to result in your never needing anything after that.
    yeah, you might go decades without needing them, most of us do.... but youll feel like a total idiot if you could have prevented the problem, with some prior preparation and skills you simply ignored, especially if it costs you a great a wife or child.
  5. Maniacmechanic1

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    I took a look at the crime map for South Florida.
    Looks like Chicago .

    Scare the crap out of Wiz.
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  6. Grumpy

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    that map was for 10 days and palm beach county is one of the safest places to live
    pull up a similar map for your local area near chicago, and its much more likely to have 3-6 times the crime per week, IL

    I looked up the same 10 days in chicago, the computers said (too many incidents to map, please limit area or time frame to reduce incidents to less than 1000 so software can plot results
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  7. Maniacmechanic1

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    Look at 100 miles South of Chicago and 50 miles north of Peoria.
    My area.
    Usually quiet.
  8. Maniacmechanic1

    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

    Gunshots used to go off in downtown Chicago every 10-15 minutes.
    Last worked there 2007.
  9. Maniacmechanic1

    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

    I tried entering my area.
    And nearby towns.
    No data.
    Mostly Cornfields around my farmhouse.
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    Thats good Brian corn don't shoot
  11. Maniacmechanic1

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    No it dont.
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    Some does go POP!:D:D:p:po_Oo_O

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