anyone have a hunting partner with rather odd ideas on hunting?

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    how many of you have a few "hunting buddies"
    whos total set of hunting skills consist of,
    step out of truck ,
    load gun, wonder around rather, aimlessly,
    visit the truck several times a day for refills on snacks and drinks?
    hoping they see a deer, hog etc. at some point in the process.?

    one of the guys that was , and is,a very close friend of my next door neighbor
    "FRED" came equipped with an invisible chain and ankle shackle,
    it runs out of slack at about 300 yards from the truck when its parked,
    hes perfectly happy " hunting" as long as he never looses sight of the truck.
    hes about 76 now, and has been on hundreds of local hunts,
    we actually don,t mind a bit and invite him on lots of local hunts .. its built in truck/camp site security.
    I can only remember him shooting a hog once in the last 30 years...
    it ran past the truck, at about 40 yards and he shot it with a 12 ga, while he sat on the truck tail gate,
    drinking a cold soda and eating cheetos!
    he has a 870 rem 3" hes convinced is the best weapon ever made,
    it took us awhile, but eventually we found hes good company, and stopped trying to convince him to actually hunt ,and just let him do his thing.
    he enjoys the trips, hes pleasant to talk to but acts as if he is absolutely sure if he lost sight of the truck he would never see civilization or home again.
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    Reminds me of self hunting a long time ago and would walk aimlessly on Forest Service land till lunch and go back to the truck and cook on a Coleman stove. Looked around and turned the radio on and sat on the tailgate to eat. look up and see 10 deer not more than 20 yards away, so i just kept on eating and stood up and turned to put my plate down. They were still there and weren't fidgety. Picked up my rifle and vroom, they was gone. So a trip to Pisgah N.F in the Mtns. of N.C. and I tied my little radio up a tree about 20 yards away from my home made climber and settled in and looked over at the tree and 4 does standing there looking up at the radio. Then they kept looking over their shoulders and then 5 minutes later a BIG buck came up out of a gully that I hadn't seen and well It was the biggest dear I have ever killed for a white tail. Yea radios are illegal, but not until you get caught, and it wasn't blaring out the country music so none else heard it.

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