anyone have experience rebuilding car skate hydraulics?

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    its been about 6 or more years now that I purchased 4 GREG SMITH hydraulic wheel dollies or car skates
    3 of the 4 have now stopped working correctly ,(they won,t lift a car wheel) so obviously a small seal or o-ring has failed , theres no sign of leaking hydraulic fluid but they no longer pump up, so I'm wondering if any of you have experience rebuilding these, car skates
    these appear to be rather simple hydraulic cylinder jacks but Ive learned long ago to ask is other have links to parts or repair instructions rather than diving head first off the dock!

    I called GREG SMITH, the sales guys answered and transfered me to the repair dept.
    and the tech/repair guys basically were polite, but clueless
    and had no idea how to repair the car skates hydraulics

    I really don,t think this should be difficult but I'm looking for related info before I start.

    heres a similar owners manual I found posted online

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    Best bet is to look in the local phone book Grumpy and call a Hydraulic cylinder rebuild shop.
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    All the car skates I have used are the pink paint ratchet lock style.

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