anyone who cares to help offset ,sites costs can donate here


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You, your site has so much valuable info and members with experience, it would be wrong to NOT support it.
most other sites go off topic so easily they turn me off.
Like this : I need help with overheating problem. By the 5th post someone is saying I like your tires and wheels what did they cost?
Then it goes down hill.


The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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Im glad we can help, and if you have either questions or suggestions PLEASE post,
we try hard to improve constantly


The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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gentlemen , I have never come close to making a dime on this web site,
the expenses come out of my pocket,:(
I never expected too! :rolleyes:
I just wanted to make it far easier on the guys building cars and engines to learn what does and does NOT work:D
but last month I had over $300 in expenses ,
and really should have paid an additional $160,
we had a significant short fall,
if you can see your way clear to chipping in, what you can afford too,!
too maintain the web site it would be VERY much appreciated.

Mark Bradley

Da guy in Newbury

PayPal Donation Link:

I built that whole web site to help the guys with less experience wade through the all too typical, delays, B.S. most repair shops provide
and allow guys to learn, how to think logically, isolate and test,
and in the process learn how to do their own correct diagnoses and repair work without having to spend 50 plus years gaining personal experience the hard way.:thumbsup:

I got really tired of being lied to, stalled, and having crappy machine work passed off as "NORMAL" and having guys try to B.S. you so the billing could be pushed higher as I slowly gained experience and knowledge.
I'm still working on upgrading the site daily, and if you have suggestions or areas that you want to be improved please let me know
as many of the longer term members on the site know,
I try hard to collect and post as much related info as I can collect,
and place it here on this site, comment on the content as I think its required and add what I thinks missing or overlooked.
one of my pet peeves is having someone delete a damn good knowledge source!
one thing I really hate is going to a semi-trusted web site to retrieve info, only to find that source is no longer there as the web sires been deleted, I posted for years on several web sites only to have two I had zero control over suddenly dis-appear as the web sites owner was not able to keep up with the site's expenses and eventually just "threw in the towel" I'm trying hard to keep this site open, long term as a dependable resource but at times its difficult!

and please, if you choose to help , support the site with a donation let me know who you are with your on site name/handle,
if your on site name is ,for an example freddy the frog, and your donation is posted or linked to Alice jones when I see it come in,
theres no way I can tell whats going on!


please let me know the screen name,
your registered on the web site with
and please place a brief note (web site support).

Done.... not much but I will do more from time to time. Cheers and thank you.


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You might have noticed that the website was off line for several days, Grumpy had to update the website software to be compatible with the website hosting company. This I'm sure was a major expense that will come out of his pocket so YOU can enjoy yourself and get info here when needed.

I'm donating $50, please see what you might do to help!


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I can match that. I’m heading home as I just took a rest stop moment. Expect to see my $50 tomorrow sometime.


The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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Im having my son look into making the required changes/upgrades
and yeah it costs the web site quite a bit to upgrade, Im not sure of the total bill yet


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The least I can do. I've asked a hundred questions, and probably have a thousand more.
I have 2 ecommerce sites myself, and they are expensive, but even more time consuming.
Just sent you $50 thru Paypal
Great site, need to help keep it going
Member name Pguppy