Are these a deal?

Discussion in 'Engine Combos and Dynometer Database' started by JohnHancock, Jul 18, 2018.

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    You did see that both intake and exhaust ports are rectangular, right? Is that what you want?
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    no info on flow numbers,
    deck thickness,
    aluminum alloy used,
    or where manufactured only the vendors location,
    they may be a good deal or an expensive lesson in not buying unknown crap.
    I think its reasonable to assume its a asian import of unknown quality, and machine work quality,
    ID at least make the effort , to get feed back, suggest finding 3-4 previous happy or pissed off, customers
    ,and I darn sure would not call the company/vendor to get the phone numbers,
    try posting questions,
    on every face-book, performance web site and ask for pictures,
    because theres always a few trolls that claim any B.S. that pops into their minds ,
    at the time
    call previous customers who currently have the product installed on running engines too get their feed back.
    and make damn sure each had a different area code phone number so your not calling company shills.
    in any case youll need a quality machine shop and a machinist to properly check them out assemble the required parts and check all the clearances geometry etc.
    there are certainly new vendors and very low priced heads available...quality may or may not be a an included,component,
    and you tend to find the lest expensive stuff is both cheaply made and badly machined,
    quality work takes time and quality machinists,
    on the plus side new cnc machine work programs and roto casting is becoming more common.
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    Original 781s or Retangular Port if your on a budget.
    Proven to work.
  5. Maniacmechanic1

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    You plan on Roots blower Supercharging.
    Ports can be big Huge.
    Port velocity on the Street part throttle not such a Big issue.
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    The site looks very similar to speedmaster/pro comp also bases is in same city

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