at times youll find having a decent comfortable folding chair is something worth having

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    at times youll find having a decent comfortable folding chair is something worth having
    I know its not high on most peoples list of hunting or rifle range accessories, but having a back pack and a folding chair strapped on the frame can be a tool or accessory worth packing to a car show, or on a hunting trip,
    you might be amazed at how often having a comfortable folding chair handy makes a camping or hunting trip, or rifle range a much more pleasant,trip, sometimes its the little simple additions that don,t at first seem important that catch on,
    one of the local guys took a great deal of kidding over back-packing in a folding chair to his deer hunting blind and while it seemed like a great deal of extra weight and effort, it seems to be catching on, at least with the older guys I hunt with, a few of the guys that laughed at him the first few trips are now back packing in a folding chair to turkey, and deer blinds
    even having a decent folding chair in your car trunk , or behind the seats in your corvette, makes taking a break from leaning over a fender or lying on a mechanics creeper, more pleasant
    ALPS OutdoorZ
    ALPS OutdoorZ 8411015 King Kong Chair, Realtree Xtra
    Powder-coated steel frame provides strength and stability with a compact foldable design
    • Adjustable armrests with cup holder and side pocket for maximum storage
    • Shoulder carry bag included provides you with an easy transport and storage experience
    • The ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Realtree Chair is on our best sellers list
    • Dimensions: 38" W x 20" D x 38" H, Weight: 13lbs, Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.
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    Actually a Good Idea Grumpy.
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    Got a Cabela's Hunter's Chair. It is lighweight, foldable yet no armrests.

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