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    Went to Firestone [Friday] and made an appointment [Monday] to get the front end aligned on my 1995 Dodge 1500 Ram 4x4. Went to the appointment and filled out paper work and walked to the Mall to browse Sears for about an hour. went back to Firestone and my truck hadn't moved. Went in and asked how long it would be, he said he didn't know, they were running behind. Asked for my keys and left and he didn't even say a word. Not even about another appointment.

    Made another appointment [Tuesday]with a different tire dealer and went to that appointment [Thursday] o n time. Watch as truck is pulled into shop on alignment machine and raised up and the mechanic looks things over. Never hooks up the heads to the wheels or anything and goes to test drive. Comes back and I ask what he did to the front end before he goes back inside. He said he did nothing for the front end machine was not working. I go inside and ask what happened and he said it would not reboot or something to that effect. He said it would have to go to one of their other stores to be done. I ask if he was going to take it. He said no, that I would have to and make another appointment to get it done. I ask how much I owe him and for my keys. No charge, he said.

    If I had done this at any of the shops I had worked at, I would have been fired.
    What's a guy gotta do to get good service from a/any repair shop?

    Don't get me started on the transmission shop and the other shop that did some other work on this truck that I paid $2000.00 for five years ago and all it ever had was a set of tires and oil and filter changes with less than 5000 miles I put on it in five years. I now have over $6000.00 in this truck and there is no way I could sell it for that.
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    They become Money pits as vehicles age.
    I know too.
    New Trucks and Suburbans cost 50k to 85k now.

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