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    knifes by their basic design are fairly short range defensive, or surprise attack, weapons by nature, below are listed a few options, notice theres no folding knives as most ,
    but not all, will break if subjected too real and repeated ,combat stress, levels from what I've seen.
    like with almost all martial skills you,ll need a great deal of practice and you,ll need to be in damn good physical condition to maximize those skills,too refine the skill level you'll want too acquire , for effective use of those skills, with edged weapons, , but its a practiced SKILL, so strength alone is not the prime factor, a well practiced alert,and experienced 70 year old in even semi decent physical shape, will have the advantage over some muscular ,unskilled aggressor, all the time.
    the effective use of all fighting blades require a good deal of practice skills and knowledge of anatomy,
    and the understanding that to be used effectively you need to be fast, close and accurate,as with all tools its the skill and experience ,
    of the user that determines a great deal of the tools effective usefulness.

    but in skilled hands they can be very lethal, quiet, and effective with no realistic chance of mechanical malfunction, bad magazines, jammed safety's or mis-feeds,
    or running out of ammo, like most firearms'
    yet , a skilled user, knowing the tools limitations, can do remarkable and lethal damage too any opponent in seconds,
    a skilled user within arms length,can employ a blade faster,
    and do lethal damage quicker, than most firearm users would ever believe possible.
    the blade design was intended to allow solders to punch through heavy clothing and reach vital organs to quickly & quietly disable sentries
    the Sykes /fairbairn is an excellent concealment blade & designed to allow easy deep,penetrating punch or stabs to the vitals, and if properly employed lethal, stabs, are fast and effective, but poor slashing and near useless chopping ,NOT MY FIRST CHOICE
    but concealment rather easy.
    user must know anatomy and have some practiced skills to use effectively, especially in defense.

    easily concealed, good slash and easy deep, and efficient penetration
    but requires a good deal of skill to be used effectively, and has neither the length or weight for effective chopping blows
    this was developed as an extremely effective and easily concealed, back-up weapon


    a karambit ,is a blade design that is extremely effective in well trained hands
    but it requires a good bit of training and its almost exclusively useful in defensive use in most cases.
    now by that I mean its use requires some basic martial arts skills as its a blade that requires fast and close in manipulation of an opponent,
    in both attack and defensive use. attacking a skilled opponent with a karambit would result in similar results to sticking your arms in a wood chipper.


    these are popular and frequently used as boot or necklace knives
    EXCELLENT concealment, this makes a good secondary or back-up blade

    stabbing and slashing decent, but range limited, chopping and slashing very limited

    excellent stabbing, and slashing, with reasonably easy concealment , but chopping limited (A GOOD CARRY ,COMPROMISE) certainly very effective in trained hands in both offense and defense , in skilled well trained hands its formidable

    great slashing and excellent chopping, and easy breaking bones, devastating, with a single strike in trained hands,this basic kukri design,was the primary weapon of the gurkas
    excellent defensive characteristics
    but a bit limited yet still effective, stabbing ,
    concealment very difficult
    excellent in both attack and defense in trained hands
    capable of shearing off arms legs and heads , or punching through chest,with single strike

    heres a slightly lighter weight and slightly easier to conceal kukri
    an excellent choice if you have the skill to use it and dress to conceal it.



    a great compromise in that stabbing, chopping and slashing are all done very efficiently in trained hands ,an all american design made famous by jim bowie,
    punching through chest to vitals is easy with a single strike,

    if your trained to use this, , excellent defensive and offensive characteristics, allow a train user to be very well armed.

    if you select the correct blade size and size,
    concealment very difficult
    excellent in both attack and defense in trained hands
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    The British one I like the best handle has a kubaton design, I think I spelt that right the blunt end will work well to disable your enemy with out having to sink into him. Shaped to crack ribs temple or neck strikes. It is not always best to kill your your attacker plus it makes it allot easier to sleep at night also.
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