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yeah, increased displacement helps and building a killer BBC old school,
for your car can be both cost effective and produce impressive results
some of the most effective, cost per hp and efficient combo's ,
will be the 496 displacement and if you have access to the correct block,
the larger bore 540 BBC combos.
nothings cheap to build but a very impressive and durable,
over the longer term, power plant can be built.
do the required research, and stick to a known well proven well documented combo.
both the 496 and 540 combos are built,
with the 4.25" stroke (FORGED 4340 STEEL crank )
and both usually use the 7/16" ARP rod bolt 6.385" rods,
and built for street performance use,
generally the 300-345cc intake ports,
both generally use the 10.5:1-12.5:1 compression ratio,
and are generally built with a cam in the 245-250 intake lobe duration at .050 lift range,
matched to a 3200 rpm stall and a 3.73:1-4.11:1 rear gear ratio
obviously do the required research before spending cash,
but 600-680 hp, and similar torque is not hard to reach or exceed, N/A
with proper planning, and parts selection ,and higher quality well matched components.
slap a turbo or centrifugal super charger on a well designed 496-540 bbc
and cracking 800 ft lbs and 1000 hp has been done frequently especially if supercharged or nitrous are selected.
I've built dozens of impressive 377-383-406 SBC, engines,
that powered cars into 11 and 10 second 1/4 mile times
but they are not even in the same league with the feel ,
or sound of a car powered by a high compression 496-540 BBC engine.

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heres some calculators you might use

gear spread sheet that comes in handy THANKS TO 1FATGMC


a few resources to allow you to calculate the ideal results

heres some differant calculators
average the results