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    I learned to hunt and use a recurve bow,
    draw and release were instinctive maneuvers, like throwing a rock,
    so a string release was never an option,
    or thought of back when I started, archery hunting.
    but now things are different
    theres a couple hundred different designs and you can certainly find a few you favor over others,
    but what is your favorite and WHY?
    prices and quality vary wildly

    I don't know about you guys ,
    but once you get up over about 65 lbs in bow pound rated pull,
    even a compound bow with its relaxed pull at full draw benefits,
    through use of a string release aid,
    as your fingers don,t like the long term repeated abuse,
    of direct string release when you use or are pulling a bow,
    like my 87 lb 31" draw compound repeatedly,
    over many dozens of shots day after day, while practicing.
    Use of a decent quality arrow release aids in getting consistent results

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    personally I favor something like this

    there are plenty of options


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