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    Its a Good topic to review today once again Grumpy.

    Thinking of Tri-Y headers.
    Be nice to have another set For My T/A Tri Y design.
    Broden the Torque band on the street or at least try it.
    Experiment & Tune.

    HO Racing made them in the past for my TA with Round Port heads.
    Long gone headers. Very hard to find.

    Like to fab a set of my own In Eds Garage.
    Future date.

    Have My Big Tube Hooker Super Comps.
    Been a real good set of headers overall.
    Sure improvements can be made in collector design.
    Never had to smash a header tube.
    Just clear all.
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    building a kick ass set of headers that provide excellent exhaust scavenging, and proper spark plug and frame and suspension clearance takes a great deal of test fitting ,accurate measuring and detailed planing , this is not really a job you want to take on without someone who is experienced in welding and properly fitting sections of tubing,and the longer I have spent time in this performance car hobby the more convinced
    I've become that you need a few basic tools like a
    decent drill press , used with multi angle vise or MILL,
    a 12-20 ton hydraulic press
    and a decent quality TIG or at least a damn good MIG welder
    belt sander , work bench and a couple other basic tools,
    the tooling and skills to build or modify your cars exhaust system or build headers are not that difficult to acquire, but it takes time practice and you gain experience by making mistakes, so its always a good idea to ask lots of questions, watch lots of instructional videos and as usually measure twice before cutting once. the job can be simplified if you start with the readily available sub assemblies,
    theres pre-welded collectors, its really not all that difficult


    and would most likely pay for itself inside of fabricating three or four sets of headers just in less wasted scrap and mistakes that could be avoided , that would certainly be made without the kit.
    248 piece 2" exhaust lego kit!online-store/csgx/!/2000Series-PRO-PLUS/p/44994033/category=11578480!howitworks/c1se

    more related links and info

    [​IMG]!howitworks/c1se ... ipe_dream/

    225 piece 1.75" exhaust lego kit





    Id say about 60%-70% of the time when I visit other,
    older and experienced guys garages,
    Ill find most of those larger basic tools in some form.
    and when you visit some shops your impressed and a bit envious when the old geezer has called you over to help, and you find he has some tool like a MILL or LATHE that you wish you had, or frustrated when you could easily do some job with the tools in your shop, but can,t do them in their shop simply because they lack a decent set of tools.
    and you damn sure need to learn how to use those basic tools.
    this is an area where most of us can,t really afford all the tools we would like or in many cases we don,t have the room available to store the tools, but you can occasionally join a local hot rod or performance car club and find several of the older more experienced members who own the required tooling and have the experience too either help you out at a slightly lower total cost than a professional machine shop or muffler shop, would charge, ... or ideally teach you how to do the work yourself.
    this hobby almost mandates the acquisition of quality mechanics tools
    a few larger shop tools and a constant upgrade of your machine shop knowledge.
    OR a damn deep set of financial pockets and frequent trips to a local machine shop where youll wait longer and pay significantly more to do things or have them done for you (frequently done to crap quality, unless you find a damn good machinist that gives a crap about quality work at a fair price) which is about as likely as your wife setting you up with, and paying for, a high quality escort service for your birthday

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