C4 Corvette And Early Pontiac 1963 Winshield Wiper Blade Refill Part Numbers Discontinued Now

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    B&R Racing reliable source of info

    You can not purchase simple Windshield wiper blade insert refills no more.
    Discontinued all since 2014-2016 manufacturing.
    On a C4 Corvette 1984-1996 the Hide away winshield wipers must use the stock wiper main arm frames to clear the Power bulge or they will strike rip into the fiberglass.
    1959- 64 Pontiac Widetracks like my 63 Gp use special wiper arm assemblies nothing else work but stock GM Original and refill wiper inserts.
    Also must use wiper blade inserts and stock wiper arms on all 1970-81 Firebird Trans Am because Hide A Away wipers used on Trans Am all.

    I find them from Ebay sellers only place to purchase now.

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