c4 corvette rear spoilers and down force

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    If your like most of the older guys I know, you look at the pathetic decorative plastic "spoilers " mounted on the rear deck of most cars and think "RICER TRASH" or something like "WHO WOULD SCREW UP THE LINES ON A CAR ON PURPOSE WITH THAT" simply because your 95% sure its purpose is 100% decorative" and its not functional.
    now the idea of a rear spoiler has a lot of merit if it was correctly designed, but most are not
    now I realize that those spoilers, on some cars, don,t look totally out of place or that bad on some cars and obviously BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder as they say, but Ive yet to see a wind tunnel test result that shows the vast majority of the common designs do anything significantly positive for the cars handling while increasing high speed traction , increasing down load,or helping braking, and that is what SPOILERS and WINGS are in theory designed to do if your going to spend several hours installing a component and painting it that will easily cost you $500 plus retail, it darn sure ought to be functional in my opinion, ,
    heres a few pictures of spoilers that don,t look all that bad, and while not especially functional at least don,t look like they were designed for some ricer truck, like a few I see.
    there have been very effective cars that user air foils and wings to provide down force on the suspension and increased braking

    Chaparral 2E jumps instantly into mind

    http://www.mamotorworks.com/Corvette/pr ... g-611262-1

    http://www.digitalcorvettes.com/forums/ ... ng+spoiler


    http://www.racecar-engineering.com/tech ... odynamics/

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    I always liked the superbirds high "clean air" wing. Never much cared for any decklid spoiler.
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    air dams,
    belly pans,
    hood vents ,


    naca ducts,
    rear diffuser's
    carefully designed, tucked in exhaust systems
    ducted brakes and coolant and lube coolers
    all have a place!
    yes the typical rear deck spoiler on most corvettes,
    is 90% there, only for aesthetics
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    We have discussed before.
    With Birdman John.
    I consider still experimental without alot of actual high speed track testing and wind tunnel testing.
    Best Aero package from Pontiac was the 1970-81 Firebird Trans Am.
    It just worked.

    The Early Ford Torino was proven on NASCAR Tracks.

    The Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Daytona both worked on Nascar. Designed for 200-300 mph speeds.

    The C4 Corvette was the 1st successful Corvette to make use of Aero.
    The steep Raked back windshield along with the small frontal nose bumper.
    Sledgehammer ran 254 mph stock body.
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    What works for drag race is that huge Pro Mod rear wing.
    Only way to make those old 5.0 Mustangs go straight and not hit the wall 160-240 mph.

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