Chevelle Frame Upgrade

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    I can't believe how weak flexible the 1964-72 GM A,-body frames are stock.
    Been researching for the last 4 days watching old Videos .
    Some of the Fastest Chevies, Pontiacs, Buicks, and Oldsmobile A -body cars had weak main frames.
    The spare roller frame 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix fully boxed hardly deflects testing body off unlike A & Later G body frames.
    Definitely needs to Reinforced for any power more than stock A & G body
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    yeah, many of the older car frames do require significant upgrading if you need to race the car,
    Ive carefully TIG welded sections of 2" x 1" / 3/16" thick steel, and boxed existing frame channel,
    using the added steel, into frame channel into selective high stress areas, and it makes a very noticeable improvement in handling and the suspension stability under launch, and hard braking and cornering.

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    Everyone is so picky now Steel Construction U-channel Hot Rolled would never fly with the Racers.
    There is an entire Chassis world on You Tube.
    Never seen much on FB Kept top secret there.
    Just crappy work found posted.
    They sell kits now how they fit up to everyones different cars is unknown.
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    Richards 1968 Catalina Convertible should have a Fully Boxed Frame, Convertibles Vintage GM are supposed to equipped so.
    I don't recall how his frame is made exactly.
    Advantages to Fullsize B body strength but parts are definitely hard to find for them.

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