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    these are the more common G.M. clutch disc alignment tools, they come in handy during the clutch install, by making sure the clutch disc is centered over the crank center line, making getting the transmission installed into the pilot bearing much easier
    These plastic or steel pilot shaft guide tools are used to align the clutch disk as the spring-loaded pressure plate is installed. The transmission's drive splines and pilot shaft have an identical shape. A number of such devices fit various makes and models of drive trains, but you install the disc and tool and only then tighten the pressure plate assuring the correct pilot bearing and transmission input alignment
    When you go to install the muncie transmission, you'll obviously want the clutch disc lined up correctly with the clutch alignment tool, and the pressure plate bolted on the flywheel, then remove the alignment tool after the bell housings ready to properly install, ID start with a clutch disc alignment tool being removed once the then Id get the bell housing lined up, ID install two 3" long studs

    that have the same thread as the muncie trans retention bolts in the bottom two bell housing bolt holes, so you could get the majority of the weight off the trans front and get the spline close to lining up, use the two top bolts to clamp in to the bell housing before removing the studs and replacing them with bolts

    obviously this is slightly off center

    Pilot bushing clearance to trans input shaft should be .001 to .004
    ...with .002-.003 being considered about ideal,and the common brass pilot bearing [​IMG]
    should be greased on install, but manufacturers parts vary and .005-.006 clearance to account for a bit of bell housing miss alignment and heat expansion is common.
    26 spline



    ten spline

    if you do lots of clutches a universal tapered shaft multi diameter pilot, alignment tools a better choice and fairly cheap to buy
    [​IMG] ... 3532373138



    many times clutch chatter is the result of an un-even flywheel surface, any decent machine shop can surface grind the existing friction surface a few thousands to correct that issue.
    clutch chatter is the result of un-evenly applied clamping surfaces, usually a high spot(S) on the clutch pressure plate its housing or the flywheel surface, , but heat warping or a broken spring or mis-aligned spring will also cause this symptom.
    if the clutch vibration does not go away once the clutch locks up,
    you've more than likely,
    got a drive line component alignment or rotation assembly or drive line balance issue.
    you'll want to verify the flywheels mounted so its not wobbling, it may be warped, or the crank flange its mounted too has been bent or theres debris between the flywheel and crank flange, you,ll want too use a dial indicator mounted on the block and rotate the flywheel to find out, if the flywheel friction surface or outer diameter ,changes its distance from the block as it rotates

    read ALL the links ... blems.html ... gnosis.pdf ... Thomas.pdf ... de04DL.pdf
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    I recently spent several hours longer than you would generally spend on a clutch replacement job,
    swapping a flywheel and clutch assembly on a 2012 camaro.
    if youve ever replaced a clutch in the newer camaros you know that its a bit more complicated than the original camaros.
    one issue is the transmission is significantly heavier that a muncie 4 speed and the bell housing is a bit more complicated to properly align.
    use of a decent transmission jack is almost mandatory, and Id suggest the motor cycle lift rated at 1500 lbs as most of the HF trans jacks are cheaply made with marginal hydraulics
    but a 800 lb- 1500 lb rated cycle lift, lifting less than 300 lbs should not be under much stress.
    this motor cycle lift can be used as a transmission jack and in my opinion is slightly better built than the 800 lb rated trans jack listed before this

    on the plus side its not overly difficult if your experienced in swapping clutches, especially if you have a auto lift and transmission jack and know how to accurately measure alignment.

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    I have replaced a few of those new Gen Camaro clutches and flywheels Grumpy.
    The good shop trans jacks are pricey.

    Did you do it on your back on a creaper ?
    Its a big trans that 6 -speed.

    The worst is an AWD Mitsubishi Evolution.
    Front transfer case or differential has to come off.
    Then go back on.
    Takes all day if your lucky.
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    yes I used my lift, set to hold the car up at about 30" and a mechanics creeper and a trans jack,
    its kind of a balancing act as the trans jack I had only lifts the trans up to about 27" so the last bits done with old geezer,muscle,
    or you can lower the area under the cars clearance so the trans jack will lift, to the correct height,
    but access under the car then, with the creeper that keeps you about 3" up off the floor,is rather restrictive,
    at my age the creeper is a better option and working in cramped clearance is hardly new.
    Yes I had my 12 ton jack stands under the lift arms and car frame as a back-up as I always try hard to keep the odds in my favor.
    you need room for both easy access and in many cases a transmission ON a transmission jack, and 4.... 12 ton rated jack stands, carefully located on the frame help provide a secure place to work under the car.

    if you can,t afford to buy 4-6 of the 12 ton rated jack stands or a lift building car supports from 15" sections of 2" x 4" scrap is a decent option, but a 15" square 1/2" plywood section inserted and wood glued and screwed, into the support stack, every few layers adds considerable structural rigidity
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    Pretty impressive Grumpy.
    Most guys my age or younger would not do the job.

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