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    cylinder head porting used to be an ART, that only a few experienced machinists familiar with cylinder head work, bothered to master,
    the problem is that over time the better people with a life time of experience age ., loose dexterity , or because of the time required must charge what most people feel is exorbitant prices for quality work,
    the high price levels are frequently exploited by far lower skilled and less experienced people who charge less , but give almost all cylinder head porting workers,
    a very bad name as they put out much inferior quality work, for a bit less money.
    theres is a marginally lower cost and more consistent option,
    due to advances in technology

    no human porting work is consistent between all cylinders, on even the same cylinder head done by the same person on the same day with the identical tools.
    once a well documented and well tested port config is found from the experience, efforts,
    of a hand port workers skills its rather easy too endlessly clone ,
    or duplicate with accurate CNC machines.

    but computer controlled machinery can be accurately programmed to micro measure and accurately clone or duplicate a port contour in an existing cylinder head port endlessly and the work produced will be almost a perfect duplication of the master port.
    thus a skilled and experienced master porters work can be saved and duplicated,
    on a similar cylinder heads decades after the original port work was done,
    I'd keep in mind, that CNC machine work required accurate and expensive machinery and a person that knows exactly how too index and properly set up and program the cnc machinery, but high quality CNC machinery is VERY EXPENSIVE , so while its very easy to duplicater the best quality port work, done by a skilled human porter, the CNC porting is generally going to cost almost as much as hand porting to make the purchase and operation of the CNC machine profitable,
    the only real benefit is NOT in lower cost, but in far higher consistency, and the much lower time required.
    hand ported heads lack consistency ,port too port, CNC work is almost always going to produce consistent clone ports and generally in less than 48 hours vs a week that is rather typical for skilled hand port work.

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    Up for debate CNC Vs Pro Head Porters.
    $2 k tends to be Pro starting wages labor.
    $5 k get the very Best in the world.

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