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be aware that there are far more CHEAPLY MADE Chinese made clones
of many popular models of cold steel blade designs:facepalm:

than actual cold steel knives being sold,
many stamped COLD STEEL
quality varies wildly
from almost totally functional, at a discount, prices absolute cheap trash,

I've used a san mai trail master, and a carbon V version for 4 decades ,
I paid about $170 $ about $200 back in the early 1980s
and they have held up well.
keep in mind cold steel built a reputation building higher quality knives
a few of my hunting buddies see this,
and bought similar blades,
unfortunately some guys ,
lately...did not shop looking for quality and verify vendor source,
and chose low price knockoffs.
these trail master blades are a quality knife that is a bit too large,
to use easily, to dress out game.
but its been used for that by me several dozen times, and yes the original trail master blades , well,
they work and hold an edge well.
(but you might need to spend a few seconds honing to maintain the best edge.)

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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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as stated earlier, the quality of the Chinese knock-off knives similar to a cold steel trail master,
varies WILDLY, I've seen some that were a very good value,
and others that Id rather drop in a trash can than own or use...
it won't take you long to find out what quality you bought,
but a true cold steel trail master is a very high quality blade,
you can trust for any reasonable use.
be aware just because its stamped COLD STEEL/TRAIL MASTER,
does not guarantee you get the original manufacturer quality,
ID suggest yo are very wary of lower priced clones that are sold by vendors you don't know
in mjy opinion ,
your better off spending a bit more and getting the intended and expected
of the name brand, rather than wasting cash on a clone that may not hold up.
and yeah the carbon V is very good and the SAN MAI, IS marginally better STILL!