cooling system / pressure/cooling issue?


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BBC with mechanical water pump will hold a lot of pressure for a week or more. When I remove the cap 6 or 7 days after the last drive to check fluid level, the water blows out with pressure. It doesn't seem to loose any fluid while driving but does seem to run hotter than I would like. Have been told it might be a HG issue but I cant see how if it isn't blowing anything out. If it was leaking and building up pressure, why doesn't it leak back into the cylinder but instead stay in the cooling system and stay pressurized for sooo long. Any thoughts or theories appreciated.
if its a leak in a head gasket, or a crack in the head or block, its reasonably east to test for,
you might have a semi restrictive or not fully functional thermostat,
or a lower radiator hose that's partially collapsing under suction,
you'll need a lower hose with internal spring support.
ID also suggest drilling two 1/8" holes in the t-stat flange to insure air can't be trapped under the t-stat,
and that you install a NEW 180F-195" t-stat as they are fairly cheap and it will eliminate a potential issue source.
adding an OIL COOLER, with a powered fan, a clutch fan, with more blades and a larger diam. matching shroud,
and a larger capacity baffled oil pan, and a larger capacity radiator, ALL FOUR options tend to reduce engine operating temps
yeah I know many of you would rather dig your eye out with a red hot fork rather than read links:facepalm:
and sub-links but you will be amazed at what you might learn doing so anyway... and trust me, in most cases..
you won't die from the hour you spend doing so!:like:

lower radiator hoses can collapse due to pump suction if you don,t have the type with the structural spring to keep it at full diameter,
early mustangs used a separate spring that was inserted, obviously,
you can buy and insert these springs in almost any car lower hose to prevent hose blockage,
and yes the pump you have may be defective/busted internally
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