coyote attacks toddler


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I read this and just shook my head in disbelief,
at least in my world most adults know they must watch young kids 100% of the time,
and when I saw this story on the news my first thought was ..
why did they not shoot that coyote!
how do you let a coyote attack your child and not respond with lethal force!
and doesn't any one carry a handgun?
my dad carried a 45 in his pocket most of his life,
Ive had a 45 or a 10mm all my adult life, and IM rarely without it, a cell phone,
a pocket knife, wallet, etc. keys, its just what you carry every day!
or at least keep a loaded 12 ga within easy reach in the home!
yes I was brought up in a very rural area,
and yeah I brought my kids up knowing there were firearms in the house that were forbidden to touch without close adult supervision!
almost without exception, at least one of the parents of every family I know is ARMED almost ALL THE TIME!
now to be fair, yeah theres obviously times when for example my wife leaves her handgun someplace in the house,
and is not carrying it, but its a damn rare moment when I don't have a handgun concealed and on me!
I know I raised my kids to understand firearms are very dangerous, and are kept in the home, and only the adults can touch them
I know I was brough up in a home where all the adults had easy access to firearms!
your home has smoke detectors, a burglar alarm, your taught, as a kid to lock all the doors every time you enter or exit,
and knock for access!
your home has a fire extinguisher, or two, you carry a cell phone ,
you carry home liability and fire insurance, you have home
security cameras, your car has a spare a jack and a fire extinguisher,
you lock doors at night.... you have a first aid kit with bandages antiseptics..
why... because you understand there are potential threats to your safety,
it makes no sense in my opinion to leave your family open to attack, and yeah,
you might go your whole life without needing a fire extinguisher or a handgun,
but if you need it you'll need it INSTANTANTLY AND IN EASY REACH


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You can't fix stupid-- some people just shouldn't have children--no legal action against the parents as it is Californika.