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    how can you possibly even know what size and bearing clearance bearings you need,
    until you tear the engine down, carefully clean and inspect the crank journals rods and main bearing and cam bearings, block,heads etc. ?
    never guess or assume, deal in FACT's,
    and measure everything, inspect everything!

    youll also need to verify piston diam, bore condition, lifter bores, cylinder heads, etc.
    you may need to get the block decked ?, bored? or line honed ? ,
    you can,t even order bearings, or other related parts,
    until you have done a detailed inspection and precise measuring.
    don,t get over whelmed, make a list and test adjust correct or replace each problem,
    and check it off the list then move to the next issue,
    its a finite list and theres not a damn thing on it you can,t accomplish,
    with a bit of research, a few questions and this web-sites help
    (a few tools the right attitude and a thick stack of cash would also be useful of course):D:rolleyes:

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