Dial Bore Guage Selections To Purchase 8-22-2021 Grumpy ?

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Looking to purchase a New Dial Bore Guage Universal set for 1.000" - 6.000" range Grumpy.
1-5 inches be Ok cover all my own engine building needs and for others I build for.

I don't have the funds for a Sunnen Deep reach dial bore guage along with the Sunnen Adjustable Bench standard like Pros use in Dedicated machine shops.
Priced out used looking at $2,000-4,000 cash excellent condition then.

Have the imports of course to choose from.
On Ebay.
Mechanical movements, some Jeweled Ruby bearings equipped for ultra smooth precise operation and more modern Digital Readouts and also ability to Data log measurements taken and transfer measurements to you laptop computer.

I have a nice Mittoya 1- 5 inch .0001" accurate Micrometer set with Carbide steel anvils.
I have all the correct engine building tools like shown in your past links, actually bought tools recommended by You deemed must have !
Have Vintage Starret Micrometers also, my personal favorite because they are so smooth and silky to operate the Thimble Spindles.

Any Favorite picks for at home engine building Dial bore guage set ?
Want to be able to measure the Camshaft Tunnel also 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.
Found it's really important on Pontiac V8 and Chevrolet V8 going to be Raced Super Hard No Mercy.

I have 2 Vintage Kent Moore Starret made Cylinder Dial Bore Guages Factory GM Issue to Mechanics in Dealership 1960s era I have been using. Work very good still but need more modern precise.
.0001" or 1/10,000 " inch accurate readings.
Some Aftermarket imports I see measure down to hundredths of an inch.

Got that one off Stroker Dart M2 .300" Raised Cam Tunnel Little M engine to build going to be 464 cubic inches.
All parts are in my possession now from my friend.
Just about ready for the machine shop, using one near Indiana border.
My friend local to balance Rotating assembly.
Hard to say how much Hp, don't have the heads yet still at the Porting shop. Going to be Tunnel Ram EFI induction.
One simulation 93 pump gas my own airfiles made for a baseline I seen 770 Hp all in by 6500 rpms
Might crack over 800 Hp.
Might be less.
Like a Pontiac 455 on Steroids I call it...
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$300.00 price range Grumpy.
Maybe could spend a little more.

Have to live.
Need more Firearms & Ammo 2 of course.


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you certainly DON,T need to spend a ton of money
WHAT, you do need BOTH a dial bore gauge and a matched set of MICs

keep in mind you set a dial bore gauge to a set dimension, lets say 4", you verify that with the mic set, you then set the dial bore gauge needle to show zero at that measurement.
the dial bore gauge, does not really measure an exact size/diameter, of the hole its used in,
it tells you how far over size (larger) or under size (smaller) the hole you measure is,
from the intended or target diameter is set up to measure
watch the videos

http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s ... ompressors



here's a set of similar tools to what I used for DECADES
https://www.tooltopia.com/Fowler-FOW72-646-300 $97

https://www.amazon.com/Anytime-Tools-MICROMETER-Machinist-Precision/dp/B000JMW4AS $149

thats $250 for a useable set of tools

ID also consider purchasing a set of feeler gauges in that set
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Ok Grumpy.
I will check out the links.
Tool links 1st.

I don't have Solid Roller Cam or Lifters either.
Such a High End Engine build need all parts on hand check and verify 1st as you know likewise.
Cant decide what Offset lifters are required ahead of time with the Racing True Brodix 15 Heads and been altered prior Porting.
Seen alot of crazy stuff Dirt track Racing, no 2 engines exact same.
Pontiac V8 is kinda easy, zero lifter bore and wear issues unless use a Race Roller cam with 300-450 lbs on the seat pressures, then going to have problems unless use an Aftermarket Poncho block, designed to use Racing Chevy lifters.

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Wanted Chad to do the Porting.
Know him.
Delivery power optimal everywhere.
Know how that goes .....

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I have Lettuce Leaf style Feeler Guages, you reminded me I have.
Several sets of Straight and Angled Feeler Guages for setting valve lash.
From TA together in past, used to set the Valve lash weekly.
For Fun to, love setting solid lifter cam valvelash. Get that last 2 -20 hp more.
An art practice as you recall.
Also I was always the only Mechanic in modern diesel shops that was able to Set The RACK...Valve lash and Diesel injector timing opening.


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obviously if you do much engine assembly work you'll need some precision measuring tools,
watch the previously linked videos , earlier in the thread,
carefully on how to use a dial bore gauge

remember a dial bore gauge is used more to verify the bore diameter, consistency,
you set up with the gauge and micrometer ,
than as an actual measuring tool in its own right.
watch the videos and think about the process, what your doing is setting up the gauge ,
to carefully measure the inside diameter that you set as a goal with micrometers ,
measuring the gauges outside diameter length.
properly used,
the dial bore gauge tells you if your bore is ,
exactly on the setting or a bit under or over the set measurement




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