do you cast and hunt with bullets you made

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    if the bullets not stabilizing the bullet may not be cast with an alloy thats hard enough,to firmly grip the rifle lands,
    try a 95% WW and 5% pure tin alloy
    they may be sized under bore diameter , generally youll want a .459 min, , or the rifle twist rate may be too slow too stabilize the projectile.
    obviously it helps if you verify what your dealing with.
    verify the rifles twist rate is compatible, if possible get a chronograph to verify velocity
    never guess deal in known facts
    measure the projectile length and diameter after its sized and lubed
    gas check bullet designs tend to produce better accuracy
    bullets pushed too over about 1900 fps have a greater tendency to strip in the rifling , some bullet designs are inherently a bit less stable
    the properly cast 405 grain bullet in a 458 caliber matched to most common twist rates are stable to well past 400 yards
    this non-gas check design from NEI has a good track record
    as does this similar
    gas check design
    many guys have good luck with this heavier 475 grain cast gas check bullet

    yeah thats one reason I bought a cz 458 lott.
    I load and shoot mostly hard cast bullets and seldom exceed 2200 fps regardless of bullet weight,
    it handles both the 350 grain and 400 grain hard cast bullets ,
    but its longer case length, allows use of the longer 500-550 grain hard cast bullets
    much better than the 458 win.
    a whole lot of guys can,t seem to mentally come to grips with the idea that the vast majority of deer and elk are shot at well under 250 yards,
    and a reduced load with cast bullets in a 458 caliber rifle easily handles that limitation
    even the hard cast 350 grain gas check bullet at only 1900-2000 fps does impressive damage to any deer or elk, if properly placed
    if you get bored... put a cartridge holder stock sleeve on your 458 lott and fill it with the 550 grain bullet hard cast hand loads... it tends to start a few conversations
    heres a REMINGTON CUSTOM SHOP 458 WIN rifle
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