Do your own custom molds.


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This is what I did and the best teacher for you is : WJP004 on youtube. Guys name is Bill froom Redline racing Australia. Not much else to say as its in video and this part came out great. any mistakes were my own.


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Looks pretty Good.
I have never tried making my own parts from Fiberglass Cloth & Resin.

Fiberglass used all over on my 87 C4 Corvette of course.
Used on my 1970 TA too.
The Shaker Hoodscoop, the Front Fender air spat scoops, The Rear spoiler, & Rear Tail light panel are all Fiberglass.


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I was going to trim it and slam body filler in it today then I decided to clean the block at the same time.... I found a maain bearing that looked unhealthy.....