Don,t Assume, Verify, New Parts Do Fail


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I was asked to look at a friends 1996 corvette that recently started over heating,
this is rather common on older c4 corvettes,
this over heating issue in a c4 corvette,
is frequently caused by a defective sensor or fan relay,

so I figured it was a sensor a relay a blown fuse or the fans.
so I started checking all of those common issues

especially after he told me he had recently replaced the water pump,

I traced the problem to a defective water pump, as no coolant circulated in the radiator with the engine running and radiator cap off,
even with the t-stat temporarily removed,
much to the amazement of the owner of the corvette as he had just paid a local dealership to replace the water pump about 8 months prior,
we got a new replacement pump from the local NAPA and once the water pump was replaced all was again ok,
the semi-recently installed pumps impeller was sloppy loose on inspection,
it looked like a cheap imported pump that had been rebuilt badly





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