Engine Break In Oil/ring Seating

Discussion in 'Rotating Assemblies' started by dhirocz, Nov 6, 2020.

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    I have another sbc 383 about ready to go.

    I'm considering changing my break in, last engine I built had less than stellar ring seal.

    This is an OEM roller motor with moly rings. I'm considering using 30wt non detergent oil for the first 20 minutes at 2500rpm, and for the second batch up to 500 with a few spirited runs, then 10w30 one more time at which time Ill use synthetic with a small amount of gear oil as a zinc additive.

    Anything to add? I have to think that the zinc might have interfered last time with breaking in the rings. I don't want another engine that is smoky under load.
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    why don't you run break in oil with Zink
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    if you did the piston/ring end gaps, and correctly installed the rings,
    durring the assembly process,
    use of a good quality 10w30 non-synthetic oil,

    (personally I like VALVOLINE, or
    Shell rotella )
    will work just fine,
    run it at constantly varying loads and at least 2000-2500 rpm,
    for the first 30 minutes
    driving it around, especially up/down hills and mostly highway miles,
    that mid rpm range and varying loads helps rings seat faster,
    roller cam engines really don,t need much-specialized break-in, but that will seat the rings

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