fabricating a roll cage? this might help


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I was at a local car show and I saw a guy with a 1970 chevelle who had installed a PVC PIPE roll cage .
he had painted black and covered with the normal foam pads in the common locations,
when I ask the owner why he had gone through the time and effort to install, what was obviously a totally worthless roll cage,
he stated its was far.. FAR cheaper to use PVC pipe and glue, and he wanted the " RACE car LOOK"
and since it was only a SHOW CAR , that was rarely even driven, it made a lot more sense to him to go that route!
he also said I was the first guy to notice and mention the PVC roll cage in over 12 years he had it installed.
People do strange things Grumpy.

Have Wiz thinking and he agreed no 1000 HP Corvette build without a full rollcage.
8- point at least...10-12-16 point best.


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Kinda hard to tell exact where are all key rollcage mounting points are on each Gen Corvette starting C4 to C7 Grumpy.


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So far there is just 1 percent that can actually drive at high speeds and not crash.
Thinking back on all the Forums I have been on and still am.
99 % percent was fake news by others.

I can not trust them with 1000 + HP.

Need a Roll cage at 500 HP now.


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Well as you seen last night on Digital Corvette with the Dodge Death Bullet thread there.....Wiz is pretty much Anti Roll Cage for what is needed to keep the Guys safe with raised HP levels.

Gunny & Matt jumped on board too.

I don't care...Need a Full Roll Cage for 1000+ Hp Grumpy.

C4 is the best Drag Corvette Ever.
Its lack luster styling is even better... A True Sleeper Car.

I know that driver's door will not open on a C5 & C6 jacking right behind the left front wheel with a floor jack 1-2 feet off the ground Grumpy.
I tried it.