Favorite Concealed Carry Gun Holsters Grumpy ?

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Be ideal if We could carry outside the waistband just like Wild West was.
At least I think so.

But what do you think is ideal for my S&W MP9+ 3.1" barrel 13+1 ?
Also for my Springfield Armory Hellcat 13+1 ?

Do I need several ?
For the range ?

Watched a few You Tube videos on Concealed holsters.
Get adds nonstop now sent to me !
Kidack material?


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Ive found both shoulder holsters and the inside the waist band holsters work,
but most items you carry are a bit heavy,
so a decent belt and suspenders are required to easily carry all day.

if you select the inside the waist band holster, or carry extra mags etc.
use of a stiff belt and suspenders is MANDATORY;)
use a loose shirt and an undershirt,
wear the suspenders over the undershirt,
and the outer shirt over the suspenders and holster





I vastly prefer carrying a decent defensive handgun,
I'm confident in using,
put some serious thought into your weapon selection,
if your not sure what you carry ,
can put down an assailant with a single or at least a couple or a center mass hits,
you need a better handgun.
a 357-41 mag revolver or a 9mm-10mm- or 45 acp
can get the job done in skilled hands

Ive shot hogs with a 9mm ,a 357 mag, a 45 acp,
and I can certainly tell you a 357 mag & 10mm has a much more pronounced effect,
than a 9mm,
Allowing him to attack without you reacting defensively, and effectively,

due to poor situational awareness ,or
having him die of his wounds minutes after he kills you is of little value:rolleyes::mad::(

its not just what you carry,
its your skill and proficiency using it,
and your situational awareness that counts just as much


S&W 1006 10mm the

all full size, and heavy and yes there's smaller lighter weight, choices available.

EAA/CZ 45 acp


Glock 10 mm








I've rarely gone anyplace, even around my own property, without having access to at least some basic means & tools to defend myself and family.
I've rarely gone anyplace without a knife and or pistol, and yes , having rather extensive martial arts training in several disciplines/ skills , also helps.
your first line of defense is thinking through your options and not getting into situations you can avoid,
like visiting a bank or similar atm, ( think things through and be aware of your surroundings,
try hard to make the risk of getting caught
,too any thief far greater than the potential reward he could get)
(when possible travel with several other armed people you know and trust)
and think through your options (this is not being paranoid, its simply limiting your risk, as there's the fact that a bit less than about 1% of the population, out there, that ignores moral values and laws,)
avoid going in an area thats not well lighted, well supervised, and obviously under surveillance cameras,
not an atm, near a parking lot access if anyone else is around and not inside a major store/mall.
I also tend to let the wife do the transaction while I watch the surrounding's very carefully, and I don't drink in public or do drugs or hank out with that crowd.
I also spend a good deal of my time making sure I avoid potentially dangerous situations and keeping aware of my immediate surrounding's, and watching for,
odd or out of place, personnel, odd social interaction's, loud speech, or indications people may make,
that could clue you to potentially aggressive intent, or others actions around me ,
as much as I can do so,..... your always better off avoiding confrontations, or arguing with anyone.
if someone armed wants your property, you give it up, and call the police later, but if your life's threatened you do what's required to avoid or limit the immediate threat!
Id much rather apologize to someone for the result of THEIR stupid action,
or for a mistake they made to limit any potential confrontation, and look less combative, or confrontational.
Id agree that many people, would be far FAR better off taking the time to get the training in both how to use and the mental training required to use logic not emotion,
to rapidly and consistently make , a reasonable judgement call, on when or if use of a firearm is warranted!
maybe upwards of 5%-10% of the people I know do not initially have the mental stability, or ability if verbally attacked to step back ,mentally ,
and emotion free and judge the situation, using logic, before they let emotions get into the process,
(never argue with idiots, bystanders will not easily tell the difference, between you and the idiot if you descend to their level)
and in most cases having access to a firearm , if you don't have the mental stability , and without having the ability to think and act logically,
its really simple, ask yourself, (is my life or family in immediate and obvious to anyone in this situation, mortal danger?)
(if not you have no business reaching for a weapon)
lack of logic and emotions can and does get people who can't think logically into situations they would have been far better off avoiding!
but the 90%-95% of the people who don't let emotion's overcome common sense under stress should not lose a constitutional RIGHT due to others stupidity.
thats like banning cars because some people have accidents,
or banning booze because some people drive under the
yeah, I can , most likely out draw and out shoot most people I've run into in competitive shooting events,
but that skill is useless

if some criminal has planed a robbery, and you can't legally shoot some thief that just grabbed your wife purse
thefts of property alone don't justify use of lethal force application.
Im a very firm believer in extensive and on-going training, not just some one weekend class to get a permit!
having a firearm is like having a fire extinguisher or parachute, you might go a lifetime without using either, but you damn sure better be proficient in the use of either one if the situation warrants the tools use and you are potentially at a HUGE disadvantage if you need the tool and don,t have instant access to it when needed!
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solid fixture here in the forum
I made shortcuts onto my cellphone.
Signed up to Vedder made an account.
Haven't worn a belt in years but could again.
Suspenders I could do around the farmhouse..
Nice to see they have dedicated firearms belts to for with Vedder.
Look more into my gun models for today.

Chose 9mm most easily obtained rounds usually now.
Not set up to reload any.
Watched a few videos on.
I know all should reload now.
It's like another fulltime job though reloading. Only so much time in a day.
Eddie is nervous all going on.
He Finally woke up 200%.
Everytime we work together in his garage race car Fabrication we are both armed now.
Actually myself have better handguns.
He has several AR15s.
Might be going back Fulltime Chicago area working.
No way I want be unarmed.
Going to die for sure then Grumpy.



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Glock 20 - 30 Round Magazine - 10mm - GunShowMags









decent quality suspenders, and a quality stiff belt with added belt loops that have d-rings or slide clips for the suspenders to clip securely to the stiff belt,
solved the issue of how to carry a heavy pistol comfortably for me and had worked for decades
Ive found the inside the waist band
VEDDER comfort tuck holster extremely comfortable
I've used one for a couple years daily to carry a 10mm glock model 20
those suspenders are generally worn over a tee-shirt and under a long waisted dress shirt over the holster and suspenders
ID advise shoulder holster rigs for most revolvers, and most will require a few mods,
to fit and function and to limit the "PRINTING,"
or making the firearm outline under your shirt far less obvious
you need suspenders with inside the waist band holsters to keep the firearm's weight from constantly lowering your belt location,
you'll need elastic belt straps to keep a shoulder holster in place,
and firmly next to your body/ under arm location.
if it can swing and shift its obvious your carrying
at times a custom combo of parts, holster and straps etc, and a bit of fabrication skill, are required in a easily concealed and functional shoulder holster rig


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YES I feel the 10mm cartridge is one of the BEST compromises between the power, accuracy,
and potential concealable lethality in a self defense or easy to carry handgun,
and yes Id carry a 10mm in several types of handguns over most other cartridges.
yes the projectile matters and for hunting Id suggest the hard cast 175 grain-200 grain bullets as they significantly out penetrate the commercial jacketed versions
for self defensive use the 135-165 grain jacketed hollow points take the nod.
as they are far less likely to exit and harm people behind the assailant






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if you prefer small pistols, or want to carry several extra magazines ,
especially if you want access to your pistol easily while driving,
this might be a very helpful addition to your conceal carry options
I know several people that use the earlier version to carry a cell phone and wallet,
and extra mags along with a small pistol.
this newer versions (link below) a big improvement
the S&W shield pistols are popular as are some smaller Glocks and EAA pistols




Glock 20 10mm 15-Round Factory Magazine

This is a factory Glock 20 magazine with at 15-round capacity chambered in 10mm. Whether you’re a hunter or look

I can't recommend plastic glock aftermarket mags that don't have steel feed lips
ID suggest you buy the 15 cartridge factory mags in most cases, but there are high quality 30 shot mags made


SGM Tactical 10mm 30-Round Extended Magazine for Glock Pistols

This is an SGM® Tactical 10mm 30-round extended magazine for Glock® 20/40 pistols. Featuring the same durable steel-reinforced polymer construction


Glock 20, 29, 40 10mm 30 Round Extended Magazine

National surplus is an american company that sells high quality magazines that are built to match factory specification for the perfect fit on your rifles and pistols. you can find almost any magazine that you desire, we offer a wide variety of different capacities, finishes and prices that fit...


your thoughts gentelmen??
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these elastic band style (spandex) mid- body holsters have the advantage of both easy concealment and decent comfort, (you almost can't feel them once properly adjusted if you add suspender strap support) :like:and they make carrying several extra magazines so easy that you might even forget your carrying several, this is a big advantage for many people.
but they tend to have a disadvantage in that any firearm carried almost directly against the body,
over time has issues with exposure to constant low levels of moisture and perspiration.(sweat) unless you clean and spray with some moisture block lube like WD40 daily.

I have not yet found one that allows ambidextrous handgun use(put the gun on either side)
and room for 2-3 spare mags, for my glock 20.

on the plus side adding a few extra mag pouches if you have a sewing machine and some spandex is not all that difficult, and adding a shoulder support strap, or adding partial suspender support straps. also helps comfort:like:

you also have the option of using the elastic body band to simply carry several magazines much more easily, while retaining the traditional inside the belt, concealed carry pistol holster:like::wink: with suspender weight support, the combo seems complicated, but it carries effortlessly even in hot weather under a loose shirt

over shirts like this are durable practical

undershirts like this are very comfortable, under the suspenders and velcro/elastic band to support extra magazines


btw I can recommend these suspenders , as they fit, and are easy to adjust and are comfortable, and easily help support my gun belt

Ive also found the elastic/ velcro belly band holster is a great way to hold a couple spare magazines without you feeling them during daily wear, I don,t like it for use with the handgun personally, (it works flawlessly for that, but I don't like having the handgun subjected to body moisture concerns in 100F-107F plus degree Texas weather I've had for weeks now.
keep in mind I wear it over a tee shirt and under an over shirt.

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I selected the black woven 1.5" wide belt with a black/gunmetal buckle
we shall see how it works out etc.:thinking:

I needed and have needed a decent quality belt to attach my inside the waist band holster, I looked at about 8-9 different vendors and from what I could see in the adds the best compromise in value per dollar seemed to be from the guys above, so I ordered one, Ill let you guys know what the product looks and how it functions once I receive it and get to play/wear evaluate it.
btw IVE had the VEDER comfort tuck, inside the waist band holster for a couple years
the first one broke in use after about 7 months , probably partly my fault, but they replaced it as the grantee stated they would,
with zero issues and in under 8 days, so I would recommend them for sure.
the only issue I have is they don't make holsters for several makes/model guns I own
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well the belt/buckle arrived today, first impression, was great packaging,
nice buckle design, (that took me a minute or two to figure out)
thankfully it came with detailed instructions,
and yeah the belt seemed a bit thinner and more flexible,
and it looks like a high quality DRESS belt, rather than one designed for use,
with an inside the waist band holster.
first impression is less utilitarian, or stiff and rigid than I had hoped it would be!
Ill let you know how it works after a few weeks of actual use

while the belt below is a different brand it looks very similar to this belt at first glance/impression.
but I have to admit the buckles well made and looks to be very good quality
(ps don't cut the belt length until you use it with a holster suspenders etc.)