found this Chevy block picture posted else ware?

Discussion in 'Blocks' started by Grumpy, Aug 5, 2018.

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    if youve built enough engines you know that when you pull some older engine apart to rebuild it,
    your on occasion going to be amazed at what you find,
    now theres no disputing Chevy might on occasion have done some rather odd build mods,
    but Id strongly suspect this was done during a previous tear down, by some previous " owner, mechanic or machine shop" :rolleyes::(
    much more interested in getting a functional running engine out of the shop and getting the car or truck, running and them getting paid, than in doing the job properly.
    Ive dealt with lots of machine shops and dealer ship mechanics,
    most experiences have mandated I buy and use my own precision tools and do my own work,
    after seeing the absolute lack of ("GIVE A CRAP" ) exhibited.
    If you can,t accurately measure and verify machine work and understand exactly what your looking at ,
    and what needs to be done, and how its supposed to be accomplish,
    your sure to be paying a great deal of cash,
    for SUB STANDARD or work that was not done or done very poorly
    If you read the links and sub-links, and SUB,SUB-linked info, youll be busy for awhile, but you might be amazed at the info contained

    notice the 4 bolt main caps on a two bolt block
    I have a very hard time accepting the idea this was a factory engine

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    I would have ran away even though its a BBC.
    The Line Bore Job is #1 important to me.
  3. Maniacmechanic1

    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

    Line Hone, Line Bore.

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