got traction problems with a leaf spring rear camaro,nova,ET


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Re: got traction problems with a leaf spring rear camaro,nov

naturally having the largest reasonable tire size helps, especially once the suspensions set up correctly and the tire pressures correct,to do that,
basically its simple, do a burn out then look closely at the black tire track, if the outer edge is darker it usually means your tire pressures LOW if the track shows the center darker theres usually too much tire air pressure (higher than IDEAL)the tire track left should be full tread width and equally black accross the entire width
your tires construction will have a huge effect on results and its rare for both tires to have exactly the same reqirements simply because the engine places a differant load on each, but Id start with about 22-24 PSI and work up or down from that point as the tire tread marks lead you
keep in mind doing burn out HEATS the tires and raises the tires air pressure so the tires air pressure drops slightly sitting in line waiting for the next run

btw read thru this ... /index.htm


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one of my friends sons just purchased a 1967 camaro with a basically low hp 350 and a four speed, transmission,and a 3.07 rear gear ratio, with about 160k miles on the car, we don,t know the mileage on the engine but its obviously not fully original and a compression test shows all the cylinders read about 145psi sop its obviously not a high compression combo, and the cams not all that radical, but he could destroy the stock style rear tires with a hard launch, when he bought the car, and asked for his dads and my help, getting traction issues resolved, we looked up the correct tire size in a street legal slick type tire that was noticeably taller and wider than the original tires it came with, and we upgraded to wider 15" steel chrome rims and we added cal-track traction bars and air shocks to the car, hes now complaining that the can barely leave any rubber and the car will almost put him in the rear seat with a hard launch on decent pavement.
traction improved a great deal.
once that issue pointed out the rather obvious lack of torque from the original engine combo, his father and I made up a list of components to build a high compression 383,sbc, a 3.73:1 rear gear ratio, and the kid with dads help will be upgrading the combo as soon as the budget allows.
the wider tires and cal-trac bars, and air shocks on the rear suspension made a very obvious difference in the traction, before the mods the front barely lifted on a hard launch but the tires spun easily, now it takes some effort to get wheel spin and his front suspension lifts noticeably higher on a launch