GRUMPY WHAT DO I NEED HERE for a 500 S&W reloading


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I spent a couple hours at the local indoor range Sunday, watching ALLEN sight in his 500 mag revolver
and I can assure you its was rather informative,
We were using both factory hornady 300 grain ammo

a good example of why you use a 440-480 grain hard cast bullet in a 500 mag revolver, notice hollow points don,t punch nearly as deep

and my hand-loads posed earlier in the thread, (above)
I was rather amazed at the big difference in accuracy and impact point!
his revolvers previously sighted in with the hand loads and its hitting dead center horizontally and vertically ,
with a nice tight group of about 2" at 25 yards for allen,
when I shoot the 500 S&W revolver the groups tight but about 1" low at 25 yards
I noticed the front sights not easy to see in the reduced lighting in the range.
swapping to the hornady ammo, recoils noticeably a bit snappy ,
but no more difficult to control , with the factory hornady ammo,
but both of our groups impacted about 6-7 inches lower and 6-7 inches to the right.
even with max sight adjustment that can,t be compensated for.
so we just re-sighted in with the same hand loaded hard cast ammo hes been successfully using.

btw the range charges $1 a target, you can download and print 10 or more for that price


obviously once we got the pistol to group consistently,
we re-adjusted the sights to move the bullet impact,
to hit about 2" above the point of aim ,
or about 3" higher,and on center.
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I was sent a new 500 when first released in 2003 to write up and back then everything was different with pistol primers, meaning shallow primer pockets, dies made to seat flat point bullets and no loading data.

I have tested a lot of bullets but no lead 440's.
My deer load which I have used on whitetail consists of the 275gn Barnes TSX over 40 grains of H110 and the Federal 210 primer.
For larger game I would likely use the 375gn TSX as there isn't anything it won't do on flesh and bone of any size.
I bought the test gun and still have it but the mods done and trialed over the last dozen years of so include a 2x Leupold scope in originally 3 and then 4 Weigand scope rings and the addition of S&W wooden grips as they definitely balance the gun better and remove the barrel heavy profile the factory grips generate with my long fingers. For me at least, those grips are too small and don't offer enough to hang onto.

Accuracy is 1 and a bit inches at 50 yards as I only use this while timer hunting but it is still a great hunting gun and I enjoy it.

275gn Barnes X
Corbon Factory Fed 210 1652
35gn H 110 Fed 210 1673
36gn H 110 Fed 210 1696
38gn H 110 Fed 210 1784
40gn H 110 Fed 210 1861
42gn H 110 Fed 210 1904
45gn H 110

325gn Speer HP
35gn H 110 1566

325gn Barnes X
40gn H 110 Fed 210 1562
42gn H 110 Fed 210 1652
44gn H 110 Fed 210 1673
46gn H 110 Fed 210 1705
42gn H 4227 Fed 210 1546
44gn H 4227 Fed 210 1677
40gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1752
42gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1856

350gn Hornady
42gn H4227 Fed 210 1602
44gn H4227 Fed 210 1648
43gn H110 Fed 210 1640
42gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1676
44gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1732

375gn Barnes X
36gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1683
35gn H 4227 Fed 210 1291
37gn H 4227 Fed 210 1314
42gn H 4227 Fed 210 1551
35gn H 110 Fed 210 1487
Note: Powder 37gn H 110 Fed 210 1535
Variation Lots 39gn H 110 Fed 210 1426
41gn H 110 Fed 210 1532

385gn Remington
40gn Lil Gun Fed 210 1665
35gn H 4227 Fed 210
36gn H 4227 Fed 210
37gn H 4227 Fed 210
42gn* H 4227 Fed 210 1936
35gn H 110 Fed 210 80 F 1357
37gn H 110 Fed 210 80 F 1431

400gn Sierra
32gn 2400 Fed 210 1410
34gn 2400 Fed 210 1447
32gn H 110 Fed 210 1136
34gn H 110 Fed 210 1498
35gn H 110 Fed 210 1520
37gn H 110 Fed 210 1550
15gn TiteGroup Fed 210 1153
16gn TiteGroup Fed 210 1209
17gn TiteGroup Fed 210 1254

Also have some Bone Busters from Barnes over 35 grains of H110 which are accurate but I have not chronographed them though expect they will be in that mod 1500fps range - enough.



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pay attention at how the hard cast bullets zip through ,
the 64" of ballistic jell and how the hollow point jacketed,
don,t come close to the same penetration


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just as a point of discussion, why not discuss why you may select the 460 over the 500?
theres no right or wrong, just a different outlook.
now obviously either cartridge has significantly more than the power required,TO DEVASTATE GAME.
how you intend to use the revolver and how long a barrel your willing to select has an effect on most peoples choices,
and theres no question that the 460 has a bit flatter trajectory,especially if you select a 10" or longer barrel.
and while theres zero question to either caliber revolver choices, lethality in skilled hands,....
if your willing to select a barrel over about 8.375" long many guys feel its almost like carrying a carbine , not a pistol.
I've had that discussion several dozen times and I've got several friends who own one or both.caliber revolvers
it seems that the guys that want to use iron sights or red dot sights and under a 9" BARREL,AND USE A CHEST OR SHOULDER HOLSTER.
and don,t intend to hunt,at ranges over about 120 yards almost always go the 500 route.
those that want that longer reach go the 460 route, USE A SCOPE AND A SHOULDER SLING
Ive used both caliber revolvers and shot enough targets to, find I prefer a 500.
yes you can, get a flatter potential trajectory with the 460,
but I PERSONALLY would not hand-load either cartridge to near its full power potential
I do a good deal of hand-loading for both caliber revolvers, and I don,t even own either one yet
I load a lee 440 grain in the 500
and a lyman 325 grain in the 460
around here on deer and hogs either has worked very well.

lone wolf said:
That's a pretty good question. Why did I choose the 460?

I've been enamored with the idea of handgun hunting since I learned about it during my hunter safety course, but due to Tennessee state law I couldn't try it until I turned 18. Being the inquisitive type, I would look up hunting handguns and calibers online, read forum posts about them, that kind of thing. That's how I learned about the 460. I learned that people had been using this revolver to hunt at relatively long range for a revolver, 100 to 200 yards. I figured such a gun would kick, but then I learned that you could easily load 45 Colt and 454 Casull rounds for lesser recoil practice. To young me, that sounded like the coolest hunting handgun. I also felt that it would be the jack-of-all-trades hunting pistol, one with the power and range to take game out to 200 yards like a specialty pistol, but with the multiple rounds and packability of a revolver. So when I finally saved up enough, I bought one, an 8 3/8" Model 460 XVR.

Well, reality was . . . somewhat different. The gun's recoil and blast was intense, and due to developing a flinch I couldn't shoot it accurately past about 50 yards. As it turns out, those super short 45 and 454 rounds are quite inaccurate due to the bullets having to jump quite a ways into the forcing cone, so that option was out. It was also much heavier and more cumbersome than I thought, especially when scoped.

After a few seasons with no handgun kills under my belt, I decided to reevaluate what I was doing. I'd had many deer just outside of my comfortable shooting range that I had to pass on. Our most successful location is a 14 acre hay field we dub "the killing field" because of how many deer have fallen in it, let alone the dozens more we see there in a given season. The biggest drawback is there's no way to predict where the deer will be in the field, making the act of trying to set up a blind for a close shot a crapshoot. If you want to kill a deer there, you'd better be ready for a 200 yard, maybe even 300 yard shot. I decided to try a new type of hunting handgun, the Thompson/Center Encore. I built a 243 Winchester pistol on my dad's Encore muzzleloader frame. It was much easier to shoot than the 460, and soon I was making 1.5" groups at 100 yards. I bought my 300 Win Mag barrel that summer, and quickly got proficient enough that I would take a 200 yard shot off a good rest. Having put the 460's scope on my 300 barrel, I decided to just use the 460 with its open sights in case a close shot presented itself. I finally began taking deer with the Encore, but never had an opportunity with the 460. Despite the trouble I had with it, I really grew to love the 460 cartridge. It was what got me into reloading, and it was clear the round had a lot of potential if I had it in a platform I was more comfortable with.

One day, I went to my local gun store just to browse, when I heard two of the guys calling my name. They had someone trade in a 14" Performance Center Model 460, arguably the ultimate model. After mulling it over for a few days, I traded in my 460 and my long unused 12 gauge, and bought the PC version. I had a few teething issues with it, but soon got it shooting pretty well. How well? It can shoot as well as my Encore - sub-MOA. More importantly than that, I can shoot it much better than the XVR. The extra weight, especially towards the barrel, helps soak up recoil, and having an extra 5+ inches of barrel really improved the performance, on the order of 400 fps increase with the 200 grain bullets.

In short, I guess the reason I prefer the 460 is because I bought it having built it up in my mind as being capable of so much, when the reality turned out to be different, but through a lot of practice and changing some things up, I managed to reach the point where I can utilize the cartridge to its full potential. I'm 100% confident that I could take a deer at 200 yards should the need arise. As for having a belt gun, I've got far more appropriate revolvers for that now.

To address some of your other points. Yes, the 14" 460 is big, heavy, and bulky - but not nearly as big, heavy, or bulky as the 24" barreled, 10 pound Weatherby Vanguard I used to haul everywhere. I don't have to trek very far to my hunting locations, so weight just isn't a problem regardless. I'm trying to get better with open sights so I can finally take a deer with an iron-sighted revolver. However, there are very few places on the farm where I would pack just my 41 Mag. I've been frustrated with having deer, including decent bucks, meander around just outside my comfortable shooting ranges, only to later wind up killed by a family member or neighbor, so it's always a comfort knowing that while I'm challenging myself to connect with a new type of weapon, I still have a handgun I can fall back on for those longer shots, whether that handgun is the 460 or my Encore.


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btw this lighter 375 grain cast bullet mold
, linked below,over
12 grains of unique
would make a decent 500 S&W personal defensive load
with manageable recoil,
now obviously the 500 S&W was never intended for that use,
but it would certainly work if pressed into that use with reduced loads,
as a bullet of that weight and velocity far exceeds the 45 acp,
but its still under a max 44 mag load
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be aware that you don,t need to push a 500 S&W revolver and its ammo to near max pressure hand loads,
to have an extremely effective and lethal combo, and yes Id suggest that load of 20 grains of blue dot under the LEE 440 grain gas check bullet,
is very effective on big game like elk, and deer, at ranges under about 120 yards simply based on penetration tests I've done and seen.
the lee 440 grain cast gas check bullet over 20 grains of blue dot powder has proven to be both accurate and providing deep penetration, and in my opinion provides an excellent balance between bullet velocity and penetration, if your hunting big game.
you could use 32 grains of h110,under that hard cast gas check,
lee 440 grain, if you want a bit more velocity, but I don,t see the need
keep in mind that this significantly exceeds most other pistols in power.

(Note H110 & W296 are the same as of 2008 as is HP-38 & W231)

(IMR 4227 is same as H-4227 if made in Australia) Ramshot makes "Enforcer"
275 Grain Barnes XPB (Starting Loads)(Hodgdon Powder)
Titegroup 11.0 gr. 1,170 FPS
Longshot 20.0 gr. 1,594
Lil'Gun 36.0 gr. 1,493
Lil'Gun 40.0 gr. 1,802
Lil'Gun 40.5 gr. 1,965
H110/W296 42.0 gr. 1,880
H4227 40.0 gr. 1,891
Unique 17.5 gr. 1,464 start
AA #9 32.4 gr. 1,644 start
AA #9 35.1 gr. 1,860
275 Grain Barnes XPB (Most below are MAXIMUM Loads)(Hodgdon Powder)
Titegroup 20.0 gr. 1,707 FPS
Longshot 24.5 gr. 1,824
Lil'Gun 44.0 gr. 2,137
H110/W296 42.0 gr. 1,818
H110/W296 45.0 gr. 2,082 MAX
H4227 44.0 gr. 2,047
Unique 19.5 gr. 1,608 maximum
AA #9 36.0 gr. 1,818
AA #9 39.0 gr. 2,050 maximum
Enforcer 40.1 gr. 1,665 (mid range load)
300 Grain LSWC + G.C.
H4227 41.8 gr. 1,615
Lil'Gun 40.0 gr. 1,775
2400 29.0 gr. 1,250 (mild & PLAIN base bullet)
2400 31.0 gr. 1,330 (mild & plain base bullet)
325 Grain BARNES XPB
Enforcer 38.3gr. 1,654 Start
Enforcer 42.5 gr. 1,838 MAX
Lil'Gun 41.3 gr. 1,688 MAX
AA #9 33.4 gr. 1,692 start
AA #9 36.9 gr. 1,841 max
H110/W296 40.6 gr. 1,822 start
H110/W296 42.0 gr. 1,889 max
Unique 18.1 gr. 1,398 start
Unique 20.1 gr. 1,503 max
325 grain LFP (lead flat point) (Cowboy load)
Trail Boss 12.0 gr. 948 FPS
Trail Boss 15.0 gr. 1,044
325 grain Speer JHP (START loads)(~ = approx. FPS)
AA 4100 38.7 gr. 1,710 FPS
AA 1680 44.0 gr. ~1,350
AA 5744 35.0 gr. ~1,200
AA #9 33.4 gr. 1,682 start
Lil'gun 36.0 gr. 1,782 start
Lil'Gun 40.0 gr. 1,862
H110/W296 40.6 gr. 1,822 start
IMR-4227 38.6 gr. 1,612 start
325 grain Speer JHP (MAXIMUM loads)(~ = approx. FPS)
AA 4100 43.0 gr. 1,862 FPS
AA 1680 51.0 gr. ~1,650 (compressed 105% to 108%)
AA 5744 40.0 gr. ~1,450 (compressed 107%)
AA #9 37.0 gr. 1,858 Max
Lil'gun 44.5 gr. 2,002 Max
H110/W296 41.9 gr. 1,886 Max
IMR-4227 42.8 gr. 1,802 Maxi
330 grain Lead Round Nose, plain base (plinker bullet)
Trail Boss 9.0 gr. 843 Hi=868, Lo=817, ES=51 (very mild shooting)
Trail Boss 10.0 gr. 900 Hi=906, Lo=892, ES=13 (very consistent)
Trail Boss 11.0 gr. 952 Hi=963, Lo=944, ES=19
Trail Boss 12.0 gr. 1,006 Hi=1,014 Lo=995, ES=19 (Max Load)
Enforcer 31.0 gr. 1,431 Hi=1509 Lo=1359 ES=150 (hot for a plain base bullet)
335 grain Plated RNFP
Lil'Gun 40.0 gr. 1,767 fps Avg. Hi=1814, Lo=1729, Spread 85, Hot Load
335 grain JHP
H110/W296 37.5 gr. ~1,500
Titegroup 16.3 gr. 1,143
Ramshot Enforcer Start 36.0 gr. 1,557; MAX 40.0 gr. 1,730
350 grain Sierra JSP & JHP (loads)
PowerPistol 23.0 gr. 1,446 FPS
PowerPistol 27.0 gr. 1,564 FPS MAX
2400 38.0 gr. 1,565 FPS
2400 42.0 gr. 1,642 MAX
AA 4100 36.7 gr. 1,661 start
AA 4100 40.8 gr. 1,783 MAX
AA 5744 34.0 gr. 1,377 FPS (actual in 8 5/8" bbl.)107 fps spread
AA 5744 35.0 gr. 1,382 FPS (Hornady bullet)(in 8 5/8" bbl.) 27 fps spread
H110/W296 39.0 gr. 1,712 start
H110/W296 43.0 gr. 1,877 max
Lil'Gun 35.0 gr. 1,697
Lil'Gun 42.0 gr. 1,912 max
H4227 38.0 gr. 1,675
H4227 42.5 gr. 1,863 max
Titegroup 11.0 gr. 1,032
Titegroup 18.5 gr. 1,461 max
350 grain Berry's MFG Plated
Enforcer 34.0 gr. 1,394 Hi=1484 Lo=1226 ES=258
350 grain Hornady XTP bullet (personal loads)on mild side (Hornady Brass)
AA 5744 31.0 gr. 1,290 FPS avg.
AA 5744 33.0 gr. 1,306 FPS avg.
AA 5744 35.0 gr. 1,404 FPS avg.
AA 5744 42.3 gr. 1,527 MAX
AA #9 30.8 gr. 1,544
AA #9 34.1 gr. 1,619 max
2400 36.1 gr. 1,652
Titegroup 11.0 gr. 1,032 FPS as a START Mild (Hodgdon Tech Support suggest)
Titegroup 18.5 gr. 1,461 fps Hodgdon MAX load
Lil' Gun 42.0 gr. 1,912 fps Hodgdon MAX load
H4227 42.5 gr. 1,853 fps Hodgdon MAX load
H110/W296 43.0 gr. 1,877 fps Hodgdon MAX load
370 grain lead cast Cowboy loads
Trail Boss 8.0 gr. 746 FPS minimum
Trail Boss 12.0 gr. 926 FPS MAXIMUM
370 Lead with (GC) (mild & hot loads)
WW 231 10.0 gr. 889 FPS
Unique 10.0 gr. 851 FPS
Unique 10.1 gr. 886 FPS in 8 5/8" bbl, spread 81 fps.
Unique 12.5 gr. 1,060 Medium
Unique 17.0 gr. 1,334 Maximum
Titegroup 16.0 gr. (start from Hodgdon) 1,326 FPS
Titegroup 18.5 gr. (MAX) from Hodgdon) 1,431 FPS
Lil'Gun 30.0 gr. 1,541 start
Lil'Gun 33.0 gr. 1,652 Maximum
H110/W296 32.0 gr. 1,452 start
H110/W296 35.3 gr. 1,614 Maximum
AA #9 30.0 gr. 1,515 start
AA #9 32.5 gr. 1,625 Maximum
AA 5744 42.5 gr. 1,566 HOT
375 Grain BAR XPB
Enforcer 32.4 gr. 1,491 start
Enforcer 36.0 gr. 1,657 MAX
H110/W296 40.6 gr. 1,607
375 grain Lead Cast SWC (no gas check)
Enforcer 31.5 gr. 1,538 start
Enforcer 33.8 gr. 1,589 MAX
H110/W296 32.0 gr. 1,455
H110/W296 35.3 gr. 1,593 max
Lil'Gun 30.2 gr. 1,561
Lil'Gun 33.1 gr. 1,625 max
AA #9 29.6 gr. 1,492 start
AA #9 32.8 gr. 1,659 Maximum
385 Grain JHP
Lil'Gun 38.0 gr. 1,487
Lil'Gun 39.0 gr. 1,528
H110/W296 39.0 gr. 1,648 start
H110/W296 42.5 gr. 1,794 MAX
Titegroup 15.0 gr. 1,208 start
Titegroup 18.5 gr. 1,396 fps Hodgdon MAX load
400 grain Sierra JSP
AA 4100 33.5 gr. 1,465 FPS start
AA 4100 37.2 gr. 1,633 FPS Maximum
IMR4227 36.0 gr. 1,391 fps Spread=133.4 fps (personal load-not very good-MDS)
Hi=1489 & Lo=1355 & hot load.
IMR-4227 39.5 gr. 1,648 fps Maximum
Titegroup 15.0 gr. 1,208 start
Titegroup 17.5 gr. 1,335 fps Hodgdon MAX load
Lil'Gun 31.5 gr. 1,535 fps Start
Lil'Gun 37.0 gr. 1,725 fps Hodgdon MAX load
Unique 16.2 gr. 1,361 fps start
Unique 17.9 gr. 1,272 fps Maximum
AA #9 31.0 gr. 1,545 fps start
AA #9 34.3 gr. 1,688 fps Maximum
H110/W296 34.0 gr. 1,514 start
H110/W296 40.0 gr. 1,721 MAX
440 grain lead cast Cowboy loads
Trail Boss 7.0 gr. 643 FPS minimum (This is VERY light, be careful)
Trail Boss 10.0 gr. 799 FPS MAXIMUM
440-445 Lead (GC)(~ = approx. FPS)
AA 1680 35.0 gr. ~1,250 FPS (from powder company)
AA 1680 40.0 gr. ~1,450 FPS (compressed 106%)
AA 5744 30.0 gr. ~ 950 (from powder company)
AA 5744 30.0 gr. 1,217 Personal in 8 5/8" bbl.(.501)
AA 5744 28.0 gr. 1,105 Personal in 8 5/8" bbl.(.501)
AA 5744 34.0 gr. ~1,175 Max (compressed 107%)
AA #9 25.5 gr. 1,255 mild start load
AA #9 28.2 gr. 1,381 hot
AA #9 30.6 gr. 1,488 max
440 Grain CPB Lead-GC (.501) (Hodgdon Powder)
Titegroup 14.5 gr. 1,191 FPS (from powder company)
Titegroup 14.5 gr. 1,195 Personal in 8 5/8" bbl.(Starline Brass)(.501)
Titegroup 13.0 gr. 1,114 Personal in 8 5/8" bbl. (.501)
Titegroup 15.2 gr. 1,231 Personal Hi=1242 Lo=1215 Spread=26.6 *good hot load
Titegroup 15.7 gr. 1,213 personal Hi=1235 Lo=1198 Spread=37.2
Titegroup 16.5 gr. 1,278 FPS MAX
Trail Boss 7.0 gr. 643 14,600 PSI (very mild)
Trail Boss 10.0 gr. 799 21,200 PSI (Maximum load)
Longshot 18.5 gr. 1,300
Longshot 20.7 gr. 1,393 MAX
Lil'Gun 30.0 gr. 1,485
Lil'Gun 1,554 fps Avg. Hi=1561, Lo=1527, Spread=33.3 Hot load.
Lil'Gun 35.0 gr. 1,653 max
H110/W296 34.0 gr. 1,509
H110/W296 38.0 gr. 1,654 max
IMR 4227 34.0 gr. 1,345 Personal Hi=1383 Lo=1219 Spread=164 hot load
H4227 34.0 gr. 1,496
H4227 37.0 gr. 1,609 max
(below NOT from Hodgdon, actual in 8 5/8" bbl.)
(these bullets are from Leadhead. Tommy sells great bullets at a very reasonable price)
( is his website. Also 465 gr & 500 gr bullets)
W231/HP-38 10.0 gr. 936 FPS (mild)
Unique 10.0 gr. 957 FPS (mild)
Unique 10.1 gr. 1,256 FPS (medium)(Leadhead bullet, .501)spread 17 fps.
HS6 15.0 gr. 1,122 FPS (mild)
Ramshot Enforcer 29.0 gr. 1,326 Hi=1335 Lo=1317 ES=19 (Excellent)
Ramshot Enforcer 29.7 gr. 1,386 (from company-start)
Enforcer 30.0 gr. 1,352 Hi=1407 Lo=1300 ES=107
Ramshot Enforcer 33.0 gr. 1,540 (from Ramshot)MAX
Ramshot Enforcer 32.0 gr. 1,411 Hi=1,434 Lo=1,370 ES=64.5 (personal load)
500 GR. HDY SP .500 (Hodgdon Powder)
H4227 30.0 gr, 1,360 42,300 PSI
H4227 32.2 gr. 1,436 49,300 PSI MAX
H110/W296 24.0 gr. 1,020 Mild
H110/W296 31.0 gr. 1,400 34,400 PSI
H110/W296 32.5 gr. 1,302 (Hornady load)(Max)
H110/W296 33.0 gr. 1,482 51,900 PSI (Absolute Max-Max)(not recommended)
LIL'GUN 27.0 gr. 1,356 41,700 PSI
LIL'GUN 30.0 gr. 1,463 50,100 PSI max
Longshot 16.0 gr. 1,115 39,200 PSI
Longshot 18.5 gr. 1,222 50,400 PSI max
Titegroup 13.0 gr. 1,020 40,200 PSI
Titegroup 15.0 gr. 1,111 50,000 PSI MAX
Enforcer 31.5 gr. 1,275 start
Enforcer 35.0 gr. 1,475 MAX
500 GR. Lead FP+GC .501 (good hot Load)
Lil'Gun 28.5 gr. 1,359 fps Avg. Hi=1389, Lo=1296, Spread=92.3
545 GR. Lead FP+GC .501 ( hot Load)
Lil'Gun 30.0 gr. 1,322 max
600 GR. Lead Flat-nose .501 (MAXIMUM Loads) (Hang on)(other shooter contributed)
Lil'Gun 30.3 gr. 1,389 fps (I personally think 29.0 grains is enough)
700 GR. Lead Flat-nose GC .501 (MAXIMUM Loads)(Monster recoil)
(Ranger Rick Bullet )
Lil'Gun 27.2 gr. 1,294 fps
Lil'Gun 27.5 gr. ~1,200 fps (max, start lower)
Lil'Gun 27.0 gr. 1,126 fps personal, Hi=1152 Lo=1093 Spread=58.6
damn this mule kicks, had to use gloves, both on my right hand
to stand the recoil. Good spread & accuracy. You won't shoot many of these
(This is 1970 foot pounds of energy)
(Note, do not compress the powder with seating bullet - increased pressures)
H110/W296 24.5 gr. 1,200 ~ fps (24.0 to 25.0 gr. are used)
H110/W296 25.0 gr. 1,036 fps Hi=1042 Lo=1022, spread=20.1 Great load from
Bill Bramlett of Ballistic Supply
H110/W296 25.4 gr. 1,067 fps Max - bullet seated out sightly to avoid powder compression
IMR 4759 22.2 gr. 982 fps.
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you might want to watch this video on hard cast 500-and 700 grain S&W loads
and just some personal info, I've seen
the 440-500 grain hard cast gas check bullets are BY FAR the more effective
in both more consistent accuracy and better average penetration, and consistently smaller average groups

keep in mind the 700 grain won,t even hit near where you can adjust the sights to match to the impact point,
and from what I see the 700 grain bullets are not ballistically stable out at 100 yards,
as several targets I saw showed keyhole impacts
out at 25-50 yards and are absurdly off the bullet impact point at 100 yards
if you own a 500 S&W Id suggest you stick to the 370-500 grain bullets


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I found this info posted else ware

I started shooting the 440gr Lee with the start load using Unique that is in The Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition. Recoil is very tolerable and accuracy from a scoped 8 3/8" S&W is nothing short of amazing.

Here is even a lighter but as accurate load:

12gr Unique with a Lee 250gr REAL muzzleloader bullet. Sized to .501" this load has a whitetail deer kill to it's record. You can't get much more pleasant shooting than this. Again this is from a S&W 500 with 8 3/8" barrel which is a pretty heavy revolver.

I have also shot the 340gr? Lee mini ball muzzleloader bullet with the same 12gr Unique load. It looks like a huge wad cutter in the 500's case. It also proved to be very accurate.

All of these shoot perfectly round 1/2" holes at 50 yards.

I currently use the 440gr Lee with 13gr Unique. This load is as accurate as the others and still cuts perfectly round 1/2" holes at 100 yards. It's also a hoot on water filled milk jugs.

All of these Unique loads are used with standard large pistol primers. Which btw work perfectly in "R" stamped Starline brass in three different 500's.


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use 95% WW and 5% tin alloy

approximately 400 grain for target and hunting great for anything like deer or hogs
Id push this to about 1000 fps-1200 fps maybe 20 grains blue dot powder

approximately 450 grain for hunting great for anything like deer or hogs even elk at longer ranges
(Id push this to 1400fps-1470 fps) 35 grains h110 powder

approximately 500 grain for hunting things that require deep penetration,
and busting bigger bones, because they might bite back if not
rapidly disabled
certainly useful on anything but insurance on larger bears etc.
(Id push this to 1400fps-1470 fps) 32 grains
h110 powder

a couple more bullets, linked/above,

designed to maximize the cast bullet performance in the 500 S&W revolver
generally best if used in a 6"-10" barrel revolver
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