He Was A Majestic Looking Fella!

Discussion in 'tales of the hunt' started by busterrm, Nov 29, 2020.

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    I think it was deer season 2011 or 2012. But, it was really strange twist of fate!
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    ?? no more info or pictures??
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    Last time I was on a deer hunt, my buddy and I slept on the Red River(just north of Burkburnett,Texas)next to a open fire. He was sleeping away from the fire facing east, me on the other side facing west! One of those moments when time stood still. Anyway, I slept great, we were going to get up early and start looking for that first deer(stag). Well, I don’t know what time it was, but it was at sunrise, when I was startled awake. I looked up and across the river was a beautiful 10 point Buck, Judas Priest, he was a majestic looking fella! His rack was very symmetrical and wide. So, I slipped over to my Browning 7mm mag, flipped the safety off, leveled it on a close by rock. I had a perfect heart shot zeroed in on the crosshairs of my scope, slowly I started to squeeze the trigger. He was bent over drinking water out of the river. Just a micro-minisecond before I heard the report of the rifle, he looked straight at me, the projectile hit him right in the middle between his eyes. I saw a big red halo over his head. A second later he dropped his head right into the water and his body fell over. My buddy Josh, about jumped up into the clouds, and peed himself. Screaming he said, “What the fuck!” I looked at him and pointed to the Buck. He was really pissed cuz I got one first! We hung him up in a tree and field dressed it! He like, “ Hey dumbass you aren’t supposed to blow their head off! How the hell are we going to mount this mess!” I will never forget it! He did eat pretty good for a buck, but only Josh knows I killed him! Nobody believes the story when I tell it. The taxidermy couldn’t do shit with it, that bullet destroyed his entire skull!
    Anyway, I thought I would share that story with you guys!
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    I dont have any pictures, I have moved 2-3 times maybe 4 since then. I have no earthly idea where the pics we took are right now! Grumpy this is the story I told yesterday on another thread, I copied and pasted it here so it can be in the right place.
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