HEI eating moduals:


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And another problem.

I found my 93 Chevy with a TBI 350 Running the small cap computer controlled HEI distributor.

Within a couple of weeks it fouled up its control module , the one that sticks out from under the cap and plugs into two leads.

This started happening a lot. On one of my first trips it burned out and I lost a day truning around and replacing the factory distributor with a brand new MSD distributor thinking they surely must have better upgraded parts.

It did last for a trip back east and return but soon burned out again and again. SEEMS they buy their modules FROM GM suppliers and it is the same weak part.

I tried every trick I could find and rig up. The last set ended up with two extra ground wires, a 30AMP relay next to it supplying full voltage and AMPS directly from the battery, a pair of heavy duty diodes stop any Back EM forces, and an old points condenser, and of course GM made parts. And of course using the supplied themo-grease to seat it.

That seems to have fixed it but I have not taken it on any long trips.

Has anyone had this problem? And found a cure??

I am told the 1981 to 1986 SBC Chevy Computer HEI distributor are better and do not have this problem.

IF so seeking a 1981 to 1986 SBC Chevy Computer HEI distributor ad best from a roller cam engine.

Seeking knowledge and facts.